Insteon fanlinc item error

I have an insteon fanlinc controlling the fan speed only. When I enter my fanlinc module as an item in OpehHab the log gives an error that it references an unknown feature “fan”. Here is the log error and item entry. Any thoughts? Thanks.

[ERROR] [g.insteonplm.InsteonPLMActiveBinding] - item GuestfanLincFan references unknown feature: fan, item disabled! Known features for F00.00.1C are: dimmer, fastonoff, lastheardfrom, ledbrightness, manualchange, onlevel, ramprate.

Number GuestfanLincFan “Guest fanlinc fan” {insteonplm=“XX.XX.XX:F00.00.1C#fan”}

The part in bold are the supported features try:

Number GuestfanLincFan “Guest fanlinc fan” {insteonplm=“XX.XX.XX:F00.00.1C#dimmer”}

BTW, I’m in the process of porting the insteonplm binding to OH 2.5. I’m looking for volunteers to help test. Check out New Insteon 2.5+ binding if you are interested.

The “fan” feature is supposed to be the correct option for control of the fan. This is posted in the openhab documentation for the insteon binding and others seem to be using it. The dimmer option should only control the fan’s light, not the fan itself. If I am wrong, please let me know.
Definitely interested in checking out the new 2.5 binding, but for this issue I’m still not sure what to do. Thank you.

I don’t know what to say. shows the features lightdimmer and fan.

@rmuzer This is indeed strange. I am thinking maybe you configured the same Insteon address on multiple items, using different device types, causing your fan item to be modeled as a dimmer switch instead. Otherwise, it’s probably far fetched but if you fiddled with the device type configuration, you might have overwritten somehow the fanlinc device type?


I was able to confirm my first assumption. If you setup the FanLinc light to be a dimmer device type, it will prevent the fan component from being discovered properly. Make sure to setup it up this way:

Dimmer GuestfanLincLight "Guest fanlinc light" {insteonplm="XX.XX.XX:F00.00.1C#lightdimmer"}
Number GuestfanLincFan "Guest fanlinc fan" {insteonplm="XX.XX.XX:F00.00.1C#fan"}

Opposed to:

Dimmer GuestfanLincLight "Guest fanlinc light" {insteonplm="XX.XX.XX:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Number GuestfanLincFan "Guest fanlinc fan" {insteonplm="XX.XX.XX:F00.00.1C#fan"}
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That did it. You’re awesome. Thank you. I should have looked the binding examples more closely, but you got me back on track. Thanks again.

No worries :+1: Make sure to mark my answer above as the solution. Thanks.

I’m glad the two of you solved the problem. BTW, I’ve ported over the insteonplm binding to a new insteon binding. Check out New Insteon 2.5+ binding, and pm me if you are interested helping out with testing.