Insteon HUB 2012 died, what to replace it with?

It looks like my Insteon HUB 2012 has died, I get connection refused when trying to connect to it. I was going to just buy another 2012 hub, but found:

I like the 2012 hub because it is PLM based and I thought that was faster then the 2014 http hub version.

Depending on what device you run OpenHAB on, you might want to consider the USB PLM directly.

I really wouldn’t recommend the 2014 hub. Agree with @xsnrg that a USB PLM is the better choice. I don’t think we have a good solution right now for running off a virtual machine where connecting USB devices can be problematic.

So the problem with the hub is two things, one I have a LOT of insteon and using the iOS app made it really easy to setup the network, the other is that I run in a VM.

I found a 2012 hub, is there a way to backup my network (assuming a working hub) and restore to a different 2012 hub later? That way I can have a spare 2012 hub and not worry if the new one dies. Reprogramming over a hundred devices takes a LONG time…

I don’t know if Insteon provides software to do that, but then I don’t use their software. The 2012 Hub was compatible with HomeLinc which may have a backup function. On the flip side, if you connect a plain USB PLM and use it with HomeLinc, it often wipes out the modem link database. Not sure what it does when you let it loose on a hub.

Bear in mind that all the switches out there have your hub PLM modem’s insteon device ID in their link database. Unless the hub allows somehow to change the insteon device ID (address) of its PLM modem in software you will not be able to just swap out the hub and restore the state from the old one. You’d have to change the link databases of all your devices as well.