Insteon HUB Credential Failure after latest update

After a recent update, the Insteon binding is receiving an error. It states that the credentials are incorrect.

If I try and access the HUB via a browser (just the simple HTML page, basically saying it is alive), the credentials fail as well.

If I shut down the binding and wait a few moments, I can then access the HUB via the same credentials.

If I then restart the binding, it will work for just a few seconds and then the same credentials error message resumes.

I recently updated to 2.2, though I do not believe it is the source of my problem. Insteon pushed an update to the HUB and it appears to have something to do with the issue. It is if they have now limited polling.

I was curious if anyone else is experiencing the same thing and/or if there is a solution available.

Unfortunately, this problem has essentially shut down my home automation.



I can verify it’s not 2.2 since I’m using a PLM with no issues.

Thanks, I thought that might be the case.