Insteon IR Receiver 2411R

Hey all, does anyone know if the Insteon IR receiver 2411R can be used with the binding? It’s not in the list of items on github but I’m wondering if anyone has gotten it to work. I’m doing Insteon for lighting and thought this would help me tie in my URC control system without having to spend $150 on irTrans.

Thanks in advance,


This device is positively unsupported, and from looking at it there is only a small chance you’ll get it to work by substituting the device type for e.g. a mini remote. And even if, then only a subset of the functionality. Sorry!

I’m also not sure if you can live with the latencies you will see when traversing the insteon and openhab stack.

Thanks, that’s what I needed to know! Do you know of any IR receivers other than the IRTrans that play nice with OH?



Mark, I’m afraid I can’t recommend anything there. I’m just doing the Insteon backend and don’t know too much about OH and alternatives to Insteon, sorry!

Could this be something? It is an interesting project.