Insteon Motion Sensor Developer's Notes

Anyone have a link to the developer’s notes for 2842-XXX? I’m looking to add some functionality for changing operation flags. I can read them, but can’t seem to set them.

I know this has been out there for a while but if you have these dev notes I would be very interested. One thing I can say is the following:
For all operation flags: CMD1: 0x2e CMD2: 0x00 Data[2]: value to set (and I think Data[14] has to be a checksum)
LED Brightness: Data[1]: 0x02
Timeout: Data[1]: 0x03
Light Sensitivity: Data[1]: 0x04

Setting / reading of all options for motion sensors already supported in
Insteon-Terminal. You can take a look at the source is you want to see all
of the commands.