Insteon or Z-Wave for whole house lighting control

I am building a new home and so far have started with Insteon. Overall I have been happy with it @Bernd_Pfrommer has done an amazing job supporting the Binding and other then some Thermostat issues things are going great. However, I only have 34 items (just have my basement done so far) and plan to have closer to 200. I like the fact that Insteon is powerline and RF vs just RF for Z-Wave. Last night I went to buy some more dimmers on Amazon and noticed a LOT of bad reviews where people were saying that switches and dimmers were only lasting 6 - 18 months. On the plus side of Z-Wave it is routed and much less susceptible to collisions in larger networks, however some places say that things get messy after only 50 or so Z-Wave devices.

Anyway, wanted to collect some thoughts before I got past point of no return.

P.S. I do have some Z-Wave today, I have 8 Yale Real Living Dedbolts with 3 Aeon Labs Aeotec repeters. I am thinking of using Z-Wave for all my external receptacles around the house to increase my Z-Wave mesh for my locks.

I work for a company that does mainly Z-wave based home automation and can say that 400+ devices in a house does not get particularly “messy.” On the contrary, the mesh gets more reliable and responsive. In the end it boils down to the controllers capability to communicate with all those devices. So you need to think carefully when you set things up. For instance you do not want to be polling a temp sensor in the ceiling of a closed room every 3 seconds or you will eventually slow down your network :stuck_out_tongue:

Strange - the zwave network only allows 232 devices per network (doesn’t it?). Or are you running multiple networks to get to 400+ devices, or do you include multiple endpoints, not physical devices?


That 400 was counting individual “subdevices” So a 4in1 sensor counted as 4 devices. A Fibaro smoke sensor counted for 3, etc

I have about 105 insteon devices running, now for about 2 years.

At first I had lots of “broken” devices, I think I sent back 3 switches until I realized that they weren’t broken, but just needed to be power cycled. Somehow the tech support at Insteon didn’t ask me to do that before they approved the RMA.
Once I wisened up to that, things went smoother. In the two years I had only one positively broken switch (the micro switches went). The rest is still operating without flaw. Except that you have to power cycle one every now and then. Our electricity company does that regularly for us, if you know what I mean. Whole house service…

Overall I’m not exactly thrilled with the Insteon technology (message delivery can be unreliable, and often I don’t get status updates in openhab when I want them). Somehow everything is a bit laggy, but is that openhab or insteon? Sometimes both. Insteon is definitely a part of it.

I also tried Z-Wave in parallel, mostly because I wanted to open/close the kwikset z-wave dead bolts. I used a vera controller for that (didn’t know about openhab back then). The experience with the z-wave locks was abysmal. Squirrely is the least I can call it. The crap just doesn’t work reliably. I even installed a bunch of z-wave switches (the ones that can retransmit) around the locks to placate them, no luck. I will eventually remove the z-wave switches and replace them with insteon switches. The Z-wave switches (GE brand I think) looked and felt cheaper than the Insteon ones. Due to the z-wave protocol being non-public, my hopes of seeing openhab support of the z-wave locks anytime soon are low. Plus I just hate the concept of hiding the API.

BTW: the Insteon dimmers don’t really work with LEDs, no matter if the LEDs claim they are dimmable. I’m using the dimmers now just as switches.

I started off a long time ago with Insteon. Now after playing with z-wave quite a bit on many different systems, I think either one would work for a whole-house operation. The one thing where z-wave is so far falling short for me is distance. I have a building that is detached from the house, and I have both Insteon devices and Z-wave devices in it. The Insteon devices are just as reliable as the ones in the house. The Z-wave devices, even though my mesh is established, just don’t want to talk over the gap between buildings. I am going to try to put a few more Z-wave outlets in, but overall, the dual radio of the Insteon setup (powerline and RF) seems to work better for my applications.

The flipside is the device selection for Insteon outside of switches and outlets has been minimal. I did not like their thermostat solutions, and instead went with Z-wave there. It looks like I will have both networks active, and there fore both sets of options.


I think I’ve found a comrade in you Bernd! After just reading this post, my 2nd read in the community, I see you’ve take a similar path in the past as I have. I started with X10 years ago, and quickly realised that Insteon was the future (back then) in allowing me to migrate over time to a better powerline solution. I tried z-wave, and I’ll try any new technology especially since openHAB promises to be the migration enabler and not the Insteon company. As a technology, I find Insteon near-rock-solid but it’s drawbacks are poor tech support, hard-to-find documentation (the ceiling fan controller box I just purchased comes with a card stating “we’re reducing our carbon footprint, goto for documentation” …I did…link not found!), and their R&D is in freefall (although getting partners seems to be on the rise…for now). I think most DIY folks are intelligent, but I feel sorry for the person buying Insteon startup kit at Costco, or big box stores and maybe spending $1000 more only to find out that signal issues (even with dual-band) require much more setup time for identifying where filters need to go and which leg of the powerline to put devices.

For me, now’s a great time to buy their devices since Apple, Lowes, Amazon, Costco seem to be figuring out that many customers just return their products after talking to Insteon support and being told you just need to keep placing filters and bridges around the house (trial-and-error approach). I’ve found retailers in my area are having closeout pricing ($49 USD for dual-band keypad).

I still love the fact that the keypads really give me control even without a hub, plm or server of any kind. So as I move forward with openHAB (just installed it last night) it will supplement what I’ve already invested in years of pain and pleasure in my (now stable) Insteon mesh home network. In addition, I hope it will allow me to branch out to the next technology with a community of like-minded fellows daring each other to try different devices and platforms (-;

I hope I can start contributing quickly, but I think my 1st hurdle after reading the excellent InsteonPLM binding wiki is making an items file! The syntax is simple enough, but I don’t like having to re-invent the wheel and read thru other syntax for non-Insteon equipment just to get my environment up and running. In a word, I’m looking for the "insteon-demo." files modeled after the giant (but wonderful) openhab_default.cfg that I can copy each and every Insteon device that’s been tested here into my own .items file. I would think that we could even keep an updated set of insteon_.* files on gethub project rather that having newbies (like me) from having to pour thru postings to glean example configs of thermostats, switches, dimmers, iolincs in all of their variations.

Since I’ve gone WAY off topic (and a mini rant) in this Z-wave bindings response, can you point a comrade in the general direction of the substitute for insteon_full_example.items file (and templates)? Please?

Thanks for your contributions and best regards, Cary

Not sure what your referring to by templates, but below is my insteon file.

// Basement
Dimmer	Basement_Light_Master		"Basement Lights [%s %%]"				(Basement_Main, Light)		{insteonplm="24.AB.20:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=24.7B.D4"}
Dimmer	Basement_Light_Slave		"Basement Lights [%s %%]"				(Basement_Main, Light)		{insteonplm="24.7B.D4:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=24.AB.20"}
Dimmer	Office_Light_Master		"Office Lights [%s %%]"					(Office, Light)			{insteonplm="24.A9.FA:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=24.A8.8D"}
Dimmer	Office_Light_Slave		"Office Lights [%s %%]"					(Office, Light)			{insteonplm="24.A8.8D:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=24.A9.FA"}
Dimmer	Shop_Light_Master		"Shop Lights [%s %%]"					(Shop, Light)			{insteonplm="24.AA.FB:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=24.8B.3B"}
Dimmer	Shop_Light_Slave		"Shop Lights [%s %%]"					(Shop, Light)			{insteonplm="24.8B.3B:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=24.AA.FB"}
Dimmer	Basement_Closet_Light		"Basement Closet Lights [%s %%]"			(Basement_Main, Light)		{insteonplm="24.AB.93:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Basement_Bathroom_Light		"Basement Bathroom Lights [%s %%]"			(Basement_Bathroom, Light)	{insteonplm="24.AB.98:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Switch	Basement_Bathroom_Fan		"Basement Bathroom Fan"			<fan>		(Basement_Bathroom)		{insteonplm="24.34.80:F00.00.02#switch"}
Dimmer	Electric_Room_Light		"Electric Room Lights [%s %%]"				(Electric_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="24.94.07:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Water_Room_Light		"Water Room Lights [%s %%]"				(Water_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="24.92.DA:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Basement_Storage_Light_Master	"Basement Storage Lights [%s %%]"			(Basement_Storage, Light)	{insteonplm="25.50.41:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=24.A7.42"}
Dimmer	Basement_Storage_Light_Slave	"Basement Storage Lights [%s %%]"			(Basement_Storage, Light)	{insteonplm="24.A7.42:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=25.50.41"}
Dimmer	Outside_Basement_Porch_Light	"Outside Basement Porch Lights [%s %%]"			(Outside, Light)		{insteonplm="24.B0.FF:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Basement_Stairs_Light_Master	"Basement Stairs Lights [%s %%]"			(Basement_Main, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.CC.A8:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=23.CB.C8"}
Dimmer	Basement_Stairs_Light_Slave	"Basement Stairs Lights [%s %%]"			(Basement_Main, Light)		{insteonplm="23.CB.C8:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.CC.A8"}
// 1st Floor
Dimmer	Master_Bedroom_Recessed_Master	"Master Bedroom Recessed Lights [%s %%]"		(Master_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.AE.D7:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.D1.95,related=3B.B1.51"}
Dimmer	Master_Bedroom_Recessed_Slave	"Master Bedroom Recessed Lights [%s %%]"		(Master_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.D1.95:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.AE.D7,related=3B.B1.51"}
Dimmer	Master_Bedroom_Recessed_Slave_2	"Master Bedroom Recessed Lights [%s %%]"		(Master_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B1.51:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.AE.D7,related=3B.D1.95"}
Dimmer	Master_Bedroom_Light_Master	"Master Bedroom Light [%s %%]"				(Master_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B8.0F:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B4.53,related=3B.BF.AC"}
Dimmer	Master_Bedroom_Light_Slave	"Master Bedroom Light [%s %%]"				(Master_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B4.53:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B8.0F,related=3B.BF.AC"}
Dimmer	Master_Bedroom_Light_Slave_2	"Master Bedroom Light [%s %%]"				(Master_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.BF.AC:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B8.0f,related=3B.B4.53"}
Dimmer	Master_Bedroom_Fan		"Master Bedroom Fan"			<fan>		(Master_Bedroom, Fan)		{insteonplm="25.0E.40:F00.00.15#loaddimmer"}
Dimmer	Master_Bathroom_Light		"Master Bathroom Lights [%s %%]"			(Master_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B5.CA:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Switch	Master_Bathroom_Fan		"Master Bathroom Fan"					(Master_Bedroom)		{insteonplm="3B.9D.F9:F00.00.02#switch"}
Dimmer	Master_Bathroom_Vanity_Light	"Master Bathroom Vanity Lights [%s %%]"			(Master_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.C7.73:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Master_Bathroom_Shower_Light	"Master Bathroom Shower Light [%s %%]"			(Master_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.BA.2c:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Master_Bathroom_Bath_Light	"Master Bathroom Bath Light [%s %%]"			(Master_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B9.62:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Master_Nathan_Closet_Light	"Master Nathan's Closet Light [%s %%]"			(Master_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.C6.F5:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Master_Beth_Closet_Light	"Master Beth's Closet Light [%s %%]"			(Master_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.CF.96:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Back_Deck_Light_Master		"Back Deck Lights [%s %%]"				(Back_Deck, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.BC.05:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B3.A4"}
Dimmer	Back_Deck_Light_Slave		"Back Deck Lights [%s %%]"				(Back_Deck, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B3.A4:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.BC.05"}
Dimmer	Back_Deck_Fan_Master		"Back Deck Fans"			<fan>		(Back_Deck, Fan)		{insteonplm="28.A2.76:F00.00.15#loaddimmer,related=28.A5.9C"}
Dimmer	Back_Deck_Fan_Slave		"Back Deck Fans"			<fan>		(Back_Deck, Fan)		{insteonplm="28.A5.9C:F00.00.15#loaddimmer,related=28.A2.76"}
Dimmer	First_Bathroom_Light		"1st Floor Bathroom Light [%s %%]"			(First_Bathroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.CB.2E:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Switch	First_Bathroom_Fan		"1st Floor Bathroom Fan"				(First_Bathroom)		{insteonplm="24.33.AB:F00.00.02#switch"}
Dimmer	First_Hall_Light_Master		"1st Floor Hall Light [%s %%]"				(First_Main)			{insteonplm="3B.B3.E5:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.C3.5A,related=3B.B5.86"}
Dimmer	First_Hall_Light_Slave		"1st Floor Hall Light [%s %%]"				(First_Main)			{insteonplm="3B.C3.5A:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B3.E5,related=3B.B5.86"}
Dimmer	First_Hall_Light_Slave_2	"1st Floor Hall Light [%s %%]"				(First_Main)			{insteonplm="3B.B5.86:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B3.E5,related=3B.C3.5A"}
Dimmer	Outside_Main_Entry_Light	"Outside Main Entry Light [%s %%]"			(Outside, Light)		{insteonplm="3C.6D.B7:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Outside_Front_Deck_Light	"Outside Front Deck Light [%s %%]"			(Outside, Light)		{insteonplm="3C.69.D6:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Living_Room_Light		"Living Room Light [%s %%]"				(Living_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B4.F8:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Living_Room_Fan			"Living Room Fan"			<fan>		(Living_Room, Fan)		{insteonplm="28.A6.0E:F00.00.15#loaddimmer"}
Dimmer	Living_Room_Recessed_Master	"Living Room Recessed Lights [%s %%]"			(Living_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.BE.76:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3C.75.BA,related=3B.BC.E1"}
Dimmer	Living_Room_Recessed_Slave	"Living Room Recessed Lights [%s %%]"			(Living_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="3C.75.BA:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.BE.76,related=3B.BC.E1"}
Dimmer	Living_Room_Recessed_Slave_2	"Living Room Recessed Lights [%s %%]"			(Living_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.BC.E1:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.BE.76,related=3C.75.BA"}
Dimmer	Dining_Room_Light_Master	"Dining Room Light [%s %%]"				(Dining_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.AF.75:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3C.61.1D"}
Dimmer	Dining_Room_Light_Slave		"Dining Room Light [%s %%]"				(Dining_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="3C.61.1D:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.AF.75"}
Dimmer	Guest_Bedroom_Light		"Guest Room Light [%s %%]"				(Guest_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B7.49:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Family_Entry_Light_Master	"Family Entry Lights [%s %%]"				(Family_Entry, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B4.C5:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3C.81.37,related=24.92.7E"}
Dimmer	Family_Entry_Light_Slave	"Family Entry Lights [%s %%]"				(Family_Entry, Light)		{insteonplm="3C.81.37:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B4.C5,related=24.92.7E"}
Dimmer	Family_Entry_Light_Slave_2	"Family Entry Lights [%s %%]"				(Family_Entry, Light)		{insteonplm="24.92.7E:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B4.C5,related=3C.81.37"}
Dimmer	Family_Room_Light_Master	"Family Room Light [%s %%]"				(Family_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="24.8B.4A:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.D1.B1,related=3C.69.B9"}
Dimmer	Family_Room_Light_Slave		"Family Room Light [%s %%]"				(Family_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.D1.B1:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=24.8B.4A,related=3C.69.B9"}
Dimmer	Family_Room_Light_Slave_2	"Family Room Light [%s %%]"				(Family_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="3C.69.B9:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=24.8B.4A,related=3B.D1.B1"}
Dimmer	Kitchen_Cabinet_Light_Master	"Kitchen Cabinet Lights [%s %%]"			(Kitchen, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B4.C7:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.BE.41"}
Dimmer	Kitchen_Cabinet_Light_Slave	"Kitchen Cabinet Lights [%s %%]"			(Kitchen, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.BE.41:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B4.C7"}
Dimmer	Kitchen_Recessed_Master		"Kitchen Recessed Lights [%s %%]"			(Kitchen, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.BF.C7:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.BD.9D,related=3B.B8.2C,related=3B.B1.7E"}
Dimmer	Kitchen_Recessed_Slave		"Kitchen Recessed Lights [%s %%]"			(Kitchen, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.BD.9D:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.BF.C7,related=3B.B8.2C,related=3B.B1.7E"}
Dimmer	Kitchen_Recessed_Slave_2	"Kitchen Recessed Lights [%s %%]"			(Kitchen, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B8.2C:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.BF.C7,related=3B.BD.9D,related=3B.B1.7E"}
Dimmer	Kitchen_Recessed_Slave_3	"Kitchen Recessed Lights [%s %%]"			(Kitchen, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B1.7E:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.BF.C7,related=3B.BD.9D,related=3B.B8.2C"}
Dimmer	Kitchen_Pendant_Light_Master	"Kitchen Pendant Lights [%s %%]"			(Kitchen, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B6.52:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=33.A3.B7,related=3B.AE.BE"}
Dimmer	Kitchen_Pendant_Light_Slave	"Kitchen Pendant Lights [%s %%]"			(Kitchen, Light)		{insteonplm="33.A3.B7:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B6.52,related=3B.AE.BE"}
Dimmer	Kitchen_Pendant_Light_Slave_2	"Kitchen Pendant Lights [%s %%]"			(Kitchen, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.AE.BE:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B6.52,related=33.A3.B7"}
Dimmer	Breakfast_Room_Light_Master	"Breakfast Room Lights [%s %%]"				(Breakfast_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B5.DE:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.CC.B2"}
Dimmer	Breakfast_Room_Light_Slave	"Breakfast Room Lights [%s %%]"				(Breakfast_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.CC.B2:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B5.DE"}
Dimmer	Laundry_Room_Light		"Laundry Room Light [%s %%]"				(Laundry_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.BD.34:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Pantry_Light			"Pantry Light [%s %%]"					(Pantry, Light)			{insteonplm="3B.BF.96:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Study_Area_Master		"Study Area Lights [%s %%]"				(Study_Area, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B4.6F:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.CF.97"}
Dimmer	Study_Area_Slave		"Study Area Lights [%s %%]"				(Study_Area, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.CF.97:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B4.6F"}

// 2nd Floor
Dimmer	Main_Entry_Light_Master		"Main Entry Light [%s %%]"				(Main_Entry, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.BF.D8:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B5.D8,related=3C.81.78"}
Dimmer	Main_Entry_Light_Slave		"Main Entry Light [%s %%]"				(Main_Entry, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B5.8D:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.BF.D8,related=3C.81.78"}
Dimmer	Main_Entry_Light_Slave_2	"Main Entry Light [%s %%]"				(Main_Entry, Light)		{insteonplm="3C.81.78:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.BF.D8,related=3B.B5.8D"}
Dimmer	Second_Stairs_Light_Master	"2nd Floor Stairs Lights [%s %%]"			(Second_Main, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B1.F4:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.AE.AC"}
Dimmer	Second_Stairs_Light_Slave	"2nd Floor Stairs Lights [%s %%]"			(Second_Main, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.AE.AC:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B1.F4"}
Dimmer	Second_Hall_Light_Master	"2nd Floor Hall Lights [%s %%]"				(Second_Main, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B1.9A:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.BF.BD,related=3B.C4.F0,related=3B.B1.10"}
Dimmer	Second_Hall_Light_Slave		"2nd Floor Hall Lights [%s %%]"				(Second_Main, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.BF.BD:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B1.9A,related=3B.C4.F0,related=3B.B1.10"}
Dimmer	Second_Hall_Light_Slave_2	"2nd Floor Hall Lights [%s %%]"				(Second_Main, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.C4.F0:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B1.9A,related=3B.BF.BD,related=3B.B1.10"}
Dimmer	Second_Hall_Light_Slave_3	"2nd Floor Hall Lights [%s %%]"				(Second_Main, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B1.10:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B1.9A,related=3B.BF.BD,related=3B.C4.F0"}
Dimmer	Great_Room_Light		"Great Room Light [%s %%]"				(Great_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.C4.BC:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Great_Room_Recessed		"Great Room Recessed Lights [%s %%]"			(Great_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B3.25:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Great_Room_Fan			"Great Room Fan"			<fan>		(Great_Room, Fan)		{insteonplm="28.A5.DD:F00.00.15#loaddimmer"}
Dimmer	Great_Room_Attic_Light		"Great Room Attic Lights [%s %%]"			(Great_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.C2.30:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Joshua_Bedroom_Light		"Joshua's Bedroom Light [%s %%]"			(Joshua_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B5.20:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Joshua_Closet_Light		"Joshua's Closet Light [%s %%]"				(Joshua_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.AF.B8:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Emma_Bedroom_Light		"Emma's Bedroom Light [%s %%]"				(Emma_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.C5.B0:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Emma_Closet_Light_Master	"Emma's Bedroom Light [%s %%]"				(Emma_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B5.96:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.BE.3A"}
Dimmer	Emma_Closet_Light_Slave		"Emma's Bedroom Light [%s %%]"				(Emma_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.BE.3A:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B5.96"}
Dimmer	Emma_Vanity_Light_Master	"Emma's Vanity Light [%s %%]"				(Emma_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.C4.72:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.C5.D5"}
Dimmer	Emma_Vanity_Light_Slave		"Emma's Vanity Light [%s %%]"				(Emma_Bedroom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.C5.D5:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.C4.72"}
Dimmer	Second_Bathroom_Light_Master	"Second Bathroom Light [%s %%]"				(Second_Bathroom, Light)	{insteonplm="3B.B3.69:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B6.BF"}
Dimmer	Second_Bathroom_Light_Slave	"Second Bathroom Light [%s %%]"				(Second_Bathroom, Light)	{insteonplm="3B.B6.BF:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B3.69"}
Dimmer	Second_Bathroom_Inner_Light	"Second Bathroom Inner Light [%s %%]"			(Second_Bathroom, Light)	{insteonplm="3B.B6.CC:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Switch	Second_Bathroom_Inner_Fan	"Second Bathroom Inner Fan"		<fan>		(Second_Bathroom)		{insteonplm="24.30.55:F00.00.02#switch"} 
Dimmer	Second_Laundry_Light		"Second Laundry Light [%s %%]"				(Second_Laundry, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.BA.9E:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Craft_Room_Light		"Craft Room Light [%s %%]"				(Craft_Room, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.C4.23:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Breezeway_Light_Master		"Breezeway Lights [%s %%]"				(Breezeway, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.B7.5A:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.AF.76"}
Dimmer	Breezeway_Light_Slave		"Breezeway Lights [%s %%]"				(Breezeway, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.AF.76:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B7.5A"}
Dimmer	Breezeway_Attic_Light		"Breezeway Attic Lights [%s %%]"			(Breezeway, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.C3.41:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Apartment_Bathroom_Light	"Apartment Bathroom Light [%s %%]"			(Apartment_Bathroom, Light)	{insteonplm="3B.CD.5F:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Switch	Apartment_Bathroom_Fan		"Apartment Bathroom Fan"		<fan>		(Apartment_Bathroom)		{insteonplm="24.30.A2:F00.00.02#switch"}
Dimmer	Apartment_Bathroom_Vanity_Light	"Apartment Bathroom Vanity Light [%s %%]"		(Apartment_Bathroom, Light)	{insteonplm="3C.74.7F:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Apartment_Bathroom_Closet_Light	"Apartment Bathroom Closet Light [%s %%]"		(Apartment_Bathroom, Light)	{insteonplm="3C.62.DB:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Apartment_Bathroom_Attic_Light	"Apartment Bathroom Attic Light [%s %%]"		(Apartment_Bathroom, Light)	{insteonplm="3B.C2.41:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Apartment_Dad_Bedroom_Light	"Apartment Dad's Bedroom Light [%s %%]"			(Apartment_Dad, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.C0.A0:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Apartment_Dad_Closet_Light	"Apartment Dad's Closet Light [%s %%]"			(Apartment_Dad, Light)		{insteonplm="3C.6B.D9:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Apartment_Mom_Bedroom_Light	"Apartment Mom's Bedroom Light [%s %%]"			(Apartment_Mom, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.BF.06:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Apartment_Kitchen_Light_Master	"Apartment Kitchen Lights [%s %%]"			(Apartment_Kitchen, Light)	{insteonplm="3B.B2.BB:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3C.6D.BC"}
Dimmer	Apartment_Kitchen_Light_Slave	"Apartment Kitchen lights"				(Apartment_Kitchen, Light)	{insteonplm="3C.6D.BC:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.B2.BB"}
Dimmer	Apartment_Main_Light_Master	"Apartment Main Lights [%s %%]"				(Apartment_Main, Light)		{insteonplm="3B.AF.02:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3C.73.52,related=24.AA.A0"}
Dimmer	Apartment_Main_Light_Slave	"Apartment Main Lights [%s %%]"				(Apartment_Main, Light)		{insteonplm="3C.73.52:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=24.AA.A0,related=3B.AF.02"}
Dimmer	Apartment_Main_Light_Slave_2	"Apartment Main Lights [%s %%]"				(Apartment_Main, Light)		{insteonplm="24.AA.A0:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.AF.02,related=3c.73.52"}

// Garage
Dimmer	Garage_Light_Master		"Garage Lights [%s %%]"					(Garage, Light)			{insteonplm="24.AB.73:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=24.AA.F9"}
Dimmer	Garage_Light_Slave		"Garage Lights [%s %%]"					(Garage, Light)			{insteonplm="24.AA.F9:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=24.AB.73"}
Dimmer	OutsideGarage_Flood_Light	"Outside Garage Flood Lights [%s %%]"			(Garage, Light, Outside)	{insteonplm="24.AF.27:F00.00.01#dimmer"}

// Shed
Switch	Shed_Light			"Shed Lights"						(Shed, Light)			{insteonplm="24.30.9B:F00.00.02#switch"}
Dimmer	Shed_Outside_Light		"Shed Outside Lights [%s %%]"				(Shed, Light, Outside)		{insteonplm="24.A9.29:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Switch	Shed_Outlet_Outside		"Shed Front Outlet"			<outlet>	(Shed, Outside, Outlet)		{insteonplm="25.1C.EA:F00.00.02#switch"}

// Fort
Dimmer	Fort_Light			"Fort Lights [%s %%]"					(Fort, Light)			{insteonplm="24.8A.3C:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Fort_Light_Upstairs		"Fort Upstairs Lights [%s %%]"				(Fort, Light)			{insteonplm="25.38.A7:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Fort_Light_Outside		"Fort Outside Lights [%s %%]"				(Fort, Light, Outside)		{insteonplm="24.AE.98:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Dimmer	Fort_Light_Sandbox		"Fort Outside Sandbox Lights [%s %%]"			(Fort, Light, Outside)		{insteonplm="24.B0.D0:F00.00.01#dimmer"}
Switch	Fort_Outlet_Outside		"Fort Back Outlet"			<outlet>	(Fort, Outside, Outlet)		{insteonplm="25.1B.9D:F00.00.02#switch"}

// Outside
Dimmer	Creek_Path_Light		"Creek Path Lights [%s %%]"				(Light, Outside)		{insteonplm="25.83.BC:F00.00.01#dimmer"}

I got rid of all my thermostats (anyone want them?) and moved to Z-Wave for that.

Same here. I also tried the insteon motion detectors. They burned through batteries like no other. Z-wave motion detectors solved that for me.

1st, thanks for quick response and lovely items file!
2nd, I’m pretty sure I’m missing something (and I don’t know what I’m talking about yet so I used the word templates), but where are the definitions for each of the 8 buttons on a keypad controller if not in the items file you’ve shared? Specifically, upon pressing button #2 of keypad, activate scene "Honey I’m Home."
3rd, are you warning me that since I’ve already had spotty results with my Insteon thermostat that I should expect no better results in openHAB? I’ll buy yours, just give me your disclaimer on what I should expect beforehand while trying to use them in openHAB… My thermostat is actually a Venstar T1800 with the Insteon daughter-board/plug-in at Rev.2.5. Problems with that do you think?

Ya, had the same problem, going to hard wired units now.

Nathan, I could actually use two of the Insteon Thermostats if you still have them. Seem to work fine for me. Send me email with how much you are asking.


Free, I have 12 so anyone who wants a few just email me your address.

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I just sent you a private message re:thermostat shipping. Thanks.
Also, great tip on the Insteon motion detectors, I won’t waste money buying any of those even at $30 each if they go thru batteries. What was the z-wave model motion detector you’ve used successfully?