Insteon PLM Binding - Troubles Configuring

Hi All,

I am new to openHAB but not new to home automation.

Currently trying to get openHAB working with my Insteon Hub (2242-522 R) and running into some issues. I have added the Insteon PLM Binding to my addons folder and have updated my config file but I cannot determine if the binding is reading the state of my sensors which are linked to my hub.

I have a feeling I may not have updated my config file correctly.

The only line I have changed in the config file is this:


In which I have put in my username and password for the hub and uncommented the line. Do I need to change the myinsteonhub.mydomain part also? If so where can I locate the hub name and domain name?

Items I have included so far:

/Living Room Transducers/
Contact FrontDoorState “Front Door State [MAP(]” (LivingRoom, Transducers) {insteonplm=“14.B3.2E:0x000049#contact”}

Contact MotionSensor “Motion Sensor [MAP(]” {insteonplm=“21.DA.07:0x00004A#contact”}
Number MotionSensorBatteryLevel “Motion Sensor Battery Level [%.1f]” {insteonplm=“21.DA.07:0x00004A#data,field=battery_level”}
Number MotionSensorLightLevel “Motion Sensor Light Level [%.1f]” {insteonplm=“21.DA.07:0x00004A#data,field=light_level”}

Many thanks.


Ah ha! I’ve got it working on the config line for the older type hub now.


Now I can get to work setting up the rest of my items!

Great, glad you got it working. The older HUB is much better anyway.

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In case anyone is looking – myinsteonhub.mydomain should just be the local IP address of the insteon hub.