Insteon PLM group broadcast scene from mini remote not reliable

I have a group/scene configured in my PLM (#1) to turn on/off a set of about 10 lights downstairs.

The item config looks like this:

Switch  sceneDownstairsLights "Downstairs lights" [ "Switchable" ] { insteonplm="44.86.3B:0x000045#broadcastonoff,group=1"}

If I trigger on/off from my sitemap, it works flawlessly (all lights on/off)
but, I wanted to set up a mini remote to do the work for me, so I have the 8 button mini remote button A item configured like this:

Switch miniRemoteThreeButtonA "Mini Remote 3 button A" {insteonplm="3F.46.05:F00.00.10#buttonB", autoupdate="false"}

and I’ve added a rule that triggers when I press mini remote button A

rule "Remote Buttons"
	Item miniRemoteThreeButtonA changed
	logInfo("rules", "miniRemoteThreeButtonA")

Oddly, when I trigger that command from ‘sendCommand’ it does not reliably turn all the lights off. Usually about 8 of them turn off. (same with ‘on’).

Any thoughts?

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Your mini remote item definition is linked to buttonB?

In your rule, your Item name does not match your mini remote Item name either.

yes, that’s an unfortunate quirk in the remote definition, button A/B C/D E/F G/H are swapped with each other in the definition