Insteon PLM transition from HouseLinc to openHAB - best practices?

I’ve been using HouseLinc Windows to configure and setup links between my devices. In fact, my PLM has seen probably two different software packages lately before I came across openHAB (QWHA and SmartenIT’s HomeAidPi). I’m a bit concerned there’s leftover junk in the PLM that I should clear before I start from scratch.

If I factory reset the PLM, I can start clean with openHAB, but since openHAB’s not a management/config tool, I’m thinking I’d still use HouseLinc to do that, but in doing so HouseLinc creates links between the PLM and the devices in addition to the device-to-device links I want to maintain.

What has been the best practice when using openHAB? Utilize both HouseLinc or Insteon Terminal for config/mgmt.? Factory reset PLM? Okay to keep using HouseLinc if I don’t add any automation thru it? Drop HouseLinc altogether in lieu of Insteon Terminal?

I use QWHA to configure/maintain my links. I tried using HouseLinc once, but it wiped the PLM database.

You might also want to clean up the database entries for the devices, not just the PLM.

If you started with houselinc, stick with houselinc. The only problem with houselinc is that if you change the modem database with other programs or (gasp) establish links manually it may remove them from the modem link database when you start houselinc, and set the database such that it matches the links created under houselinc.

Don’t worry about links that houselinc created. In my experience they are “good” links, i.e. links that you also need for openhab to work properly.

Thanks all for the quick feedback. I started so long ago with Insteon I (gasp) did (and still do) manual linking and then let the database fill in the gaps although it hasn’t always been perfect. I somewhat liked QWHA for the configuration of links, but it didn’t have the signaling diagnosis which comes in handy trying to pinpoint problem areas for signal communication.

I don’t mind sticking with HouseLink, I just hate swapping the USB cable between Windows PC and Linux boxes. Anyone know of a good and simple USB-to-Ethernet converter so I could address the PLM from either system? I’ve seen them for RS-232…maybe that’s not a good approach?