Insteon Switch to MQTT

Can anyone see what is wrong here?

Both the following items show in the sitemap.

I get temperature from the ecobee

Number KyleRoomTemp "Kyle's Room temperature [%.1f °F]" <temperature> (all,jtmqtt) { mqtt=">[mybroker:a/deep/t/o/p/i/c/tapia/home/kyleroom/temperature:state:*:default]", ecobee="<[123456789012#remoteSensors(Kyle Room).capability(temperature).value]" }

and am able to see it in the classic UI (OH1.8.3) and relay that temperature to my mqtt broker and see access it from other client to the broker - so the Temperature works

However, the following switch

Switch OutHoliday13FE5A “Outside Holiday 13.FE.5A” (all,jtmqtt) {insteonplm=“13.FE.5A:F00.00.02#switch”, mqtt=“>[mybroker:a/deep/t/o/p/i/c/tapia/home/outside/holiday/switch13FE5A:command:ON:1],>[mybroker:a/deep/t/o/p/i/c/tapia/home/outside/holiday/switch13FE5A:command:OFF:0]”}

shows up and functions in the classic UI but never gets published to the MQTT broker.

Similarly, I can’t get an ecobee occupancy “switch” to relay either so it appears to be a problem with my trying to relay discrete information (true/false, on/off, 1/0) to mqtt rather than anything to do with insteonplm or ecobee.

I’m stuck.

You have the MQTT binding configs set to react to commands sent to the switch, but I doubt the insteonplm binding is sending commands to its bound items, instead just updating the switch state. So I would change command in your MQTT out bindings to state so it will publish to the topic when some other source changes the item’s state.

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Thank you!!!