InsteonPLM and master / slave devices

I am having issues with slave lights not being in sync with master lights. I am using the related tag, but when I turn off as an example Basement_Light_Master in OpenHAB the slave stays on.

Dimmer	Basement_Light_Master	"Basement Lights [%s %%]"	(Lights) {insteonplm="24.AF.2B:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=24.8A.3B"}
Dimmer	Basement_Light_Slave						 {insteonplm="24.8A.3B:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=24.AF.2B"}

Have you linked the dimmers in both directions with each other. I’m guessing that you haven’t linked master as a controller of the slave.

I don’t believe that turning off the master via OpenHAB will turn off the salve unless you have a rule to do it.