Integrate Ariston Genus One Net

Good morning,
I would be interested in integrate my boiler in openhab.
The only thing I have found (to be credited to the right person…) is:

Is there a sort of “template” binding that can be modified to adapt it to this use?

It would also be interesting to understand what are the real capability of this API…
For example, I would like to be able to modify the boiler settings by oh rules.

Another point is that Alexa has a skill for it, but I am not sure I would use it as a bridge…

Please forgive any idiocy I could have written…

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There are no binding examples for specific cases if that is what you mean. Best is to search for specific type of bindings on the openhab-addons repo to find similar bindings. I think there are 2 things to look for. First similar boiler bindings and second look for bindings that use similar communication.

You can use the skeleton script in the bundles directory to get you started with the basis of your binding and from there add the specific features.

Modifying boiler settings via rules would mean to create channels for the settings. If you have a channel you can control it via rules. There is no specific coding needed to make it work specifically with rules.

Thanks for the answer, I will try as soon as I have time.

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