Integrate Googles new Awareness API

I just watched the video about Googles new Awareness API.

I think it would be great if this feature could be integrated into the Android App.
Maybe with a separate binding called “awareness” or something.
The communication could be done directly via private network/wifi, remote (dyndns) and/or my.openHAB.
The binding should be distinguish between different users, of cause.

Here are some examples that come to mind:

  • update the “where am I?” status when leaving or arriving at home.
    Let the user set a geo fence inside the app for different places that might be interesting (home, work, shopping, gym, beach house, …)
  • trigger on contexts like “workout” to set the light and play music when doing some push ups, … at home.
  • display friendly notifications like: “It’s very hot where you are right now. Come home. It’s chilling 21°C at home.” :grin:
  • Display specific buttons or information when driving and entering “home zone”.
    Like: “Click to open garage door”
  • Let the family know when I am driving back home from work by turning on a lamp or sending TTS over speakers.

Most of these scenarios are already possible to implement with Tasker and OwnTracks or other third party apps.
But a build-in feature would be much more user-friendly.

  • No need to set up an mqtt server.
  • No need to understand how to configure Tasker.

The only drawback I see is a divergence between the iOS app and the Android app since this is an Android only thing. I’m a bit ambivalent about that. I don’t know if it is the best use of the developer’s time (both phone apps are largely written by the same developer) pursuing features that at specific to one or the other platform when there is so much that can be done across both platforms. But I’m not king so who knows.

Yes, and the fact that Google is used to suppress some API from the day to the other. I would always avoid relying more than strictly needed on their services for home automation.

I understand your points.
These are valid arguments against integrating these features into HABdroid.

Maybe someone wants to develop a standalone app with these features… :slight_smile: