Integrate HMIP-PS not working


i have an openhab installation with homematic. I want to show some information about a HMIP-PS Socket. With the homematic binding i found the HMIP-PS think:


But there are no channels and no channel parameters. So i’m not able to show anythink about the socket.

Please help me.



I am facing the same problem right now. No luck yet to figure out a solution. Maybe the binding is not capable of handling this device yet?

Finally i’ve figured out and got my HmIP-PS working.

I am using the configuration files for my setup. On my first tries I configured the thing like this:

Thing HmIP-PS 000218A9A6XXXX “Wohnzimmer Ecklampe” @ “Wohnzimmer”

but doing it like this I ran into the problem, that no channels were found. Somehow I’ve had to configure the thing like this:

Thing HMIP-PS 000218A9A6XXXX “Wohnzimmer Ecklampe” @ “Wohnzimmer”

The Thing identifier has to be written in UPPERCASE all the way, the m hast not to be lowercase like all my other Homematic things.

Can you please reply if this works for you too?