Integrate iButton (1-wire) in openHAB 2, Raspberry Pi V3

Hello to everyone,

I am trying to integrate an iButton in openHAB 2. When the iButton is connected the LED should blink, otherwise should be turned off. I have installed the owserver -, onewire binding in the Rasperry Pi but they don´t communicate with each other.
I think I am doing it in the wrong way.
Can you please tell me how it should be done and how the iButton should be integrated in openHAB?

Thank you in advance!

Hardware: Raspberry Pi V3, iButton in PIN 4, LED
Software: openHAB2

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Hi there,
Patience, it is late here for some.
This is more a question of hardware connection for the raspberry pi.
Have you checked that the raspi communicates with you ibutton?

Once the communication is established, the binding will take care of the rest.


Hello :slight_smile:

The white wire of the iButton is connected to the 1000 ohm resistance to the Pin 1 (3.3V) and to the programmable Pin 4.
The grey wire is connected to the ground (GND).
I think that the iButton can communicate with the Raspberry Pi because openHAB understand the item (iButton). In my case “ow1”, but it has just UNDEF status as you can see in the photo.

The problem is that when I unplug the iButton from the reader, it doesn’t change his state, even after 120 sec.

Here are my configuration files:
.item File:
String ow1 "Key black [%s]" <key> { onewire="deviceId=uncached/01.0000160F4A89;propertyName=r_id;refreshinterval=2;ignoreReadErrors" }

onewire.cfg File:
ip= port=4304

owserver.cfg File:

Can you help me please?

Your screen shot is only OH telling you that the binding has started.
It has nothing to do with the ibutton talking to the raspi.
You need to make sure that the raspi talks with your ibutton first of all.
I do not have an ibutton or experience with the i2c bus on a raspi. But there is plenty of help on raspberry forums to do that.
Check your hardware first

Please consider changing the label, I do not see this as a working tutorial

My screen is telling me that the binding and owserver has started and that the item has been initialised and has changed his state. (marthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent --> ow1 changed from NULL to UNDEF).

OH has seen and integrate the item with id, otherwise we would see an ERROR that item can not be found, or id is wrong.
In internet is no help that explains how iButtons work with OH and how can they be inserted in rules.

My question is how can I bring the iButton to work and see his state.



What are the properties available for the iButton in the details.xml files
You can get that file at
You will need the ROMId and the name of the properties exposed by your ibutton
From reading your post I get ROMId = 0000160F4A89
and property name: r_id

Your item config should be:

String ow1 “Key black [%s] { owserver=”<ow1:0000160F4A89:r_ir:120000" }

Try that…


Hi there

The ow1 in your log file in the owserver binding
You have configured your item with the onewire binding

From reading the docs, you do not need both
Try the owserver first as I detailed in the previous reply.

If that does not work try the one wire one

Have you checked that the owserver reports and communicates with your ibutton?