Integrate Ikea Bulb with color via zigbee2mqtt

Hello together,

I have integrated the Ikea Blub Light via zigbee2mqtt and it works.
I can control almost everythink but not the color and that is the issue.

I need your help to convert the color to the Ikea special Color with x,y.

I hope some one can help me.



Don’t know what bulb you have, but on the zigbee2mqtt site in the description of an ikea color bulb I found following:

Alternatively it is possible to set the XY color via RGB:

  • {"color": {"r": R, "g": G, "b": B}} e.g. {"color":{"r":46,"g":102,"b":150}}
  • {"color": {"rgb": "R,G,B"}} e.g. {"color":{"rgb":"46,102,150"}}

Are you talking color (in R, G, B) or color temperature?

Below my example for color temp of one of my IKEA bulbs:


I do not have an R, G, B IKEA light to test others as they do not exist in our market.
But I would assume, as @Vradatta showed, you can command them via the RGB channel.

I would like to integrate this LED1924G9.

I have also found this description, but how do I implement it?

I would like to control the blub via a color controller.

Thank you for your answer.

Yes i would like to controll the RGB-Channel.