Integrate lightstrip from Nanoleaf

I have a Nanoleaf 4D integrated via the Nanoleaf binding as this is connected via WLAN. I now want to buy the Nanoleaf lightstrip to create a backlight for my desk board. Its available for matter and apple home. But I don’t have a matter hub or any apple device.

How can I integrate such lightsrips?

Does it have to be a Nanoleaf lightstrip? There are lots out there, many of which already work with openHAB. That’s the beauty of OH: you don’t have to stick to one vendor and/or communication protocol.

If you’re set on this particular, you can try out this very proof of concept for Matter. Note that you’d need to approach it from the perspective of wanting to help test the solution for future inclusion in openHAB.

I believe you’ll still need to have a Matter border router (e.g. a Google Nest Hub) to handle the Thread communication.