Integrate VARTA element battery in openhab

Hi folks,

reading for several years now and being a long time user of openhab i still love the flexibility of openhab. Just recieved a brand new VARTA element battery for our solar system and want to integrate the measurements into openhab.

I’ve searched the web and also the openhab community but didn’t find anything so far.

Is there any chance to connect my VARTA battery to openhab?

Any hints appreciated

I have the same Situation

It looks like it has a modbus Tcp interface. See here:

200625_ModBus_register_v13_public.pdf (58.9 KB)

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Hello, I’m fairly new to OpenHAB. Did someone manage to integrate the Varta Element Battery into OpenHAB using Modbus?

Hi, i’ve tried that for several days but didn’t succeed. I’m using the XML-data which can be requested directly from the varty element battery by url.

If you succeed with modbus this would be really interesting, as the XML response doesn’t really offer that much information.