Integrate Velux, Somfy (IO Homecontrol) and Homematic (switches)


We are building a new one family house. Roof is on top and windows installed, the electrician is currently doing the wiring. The wires are installed in conventional way, no bus/KNX system or something.

The rollershutters are with Somfy (IO Homecontrol), didn’t research before ordering :frowning: . So we have to deal with them. Rollershutters are 17 in total.
Also we have four electric velux roof windows with (velux) electric rollershutter on each roof window.

For each window/rollershutter we have a somfy/velux “remote”/wireless switch.

To get those shutters/windows a bit smart, I want to use openhab with velux KLF200 binding. Too I want to install some additional Homematic switches which should control velux window+rollershutter.

This should be implemented:

  • 17x Somfy rollershutter
    → controlled directly by somfy remote
    → binding to openhab via velux klf200
  • 4x velux window
    → controlled directly by velux remote
    → binding to openhab via velux klf200
  • 4x velux rollershutter
    → controlled directly by velux remote
    → binding to openhab via velux klf200
  • 4x homematic 2-way push-button
    → binding to openhab via ccu
    → each push-button is mapped to one velux window (open+close) with rollershutter (up+down) with 4 actions: top/bottom + long/short press
  • openhab
    → controll all roleshutters + roof windows by openhab ui and do some automatic stuff (e.g. close rollershutter at x o’clock…)

Question 1:
Is it possible to setup things like described?

Question 2:
As I understand, the homematic switch/push-button is universal and can be installed with adapter to match the other switch design series (Busch-Jäger, Gira, etc.), right? So it integrates smooth into the design series frame?

Question 3:
The Velux KLF200 has 5 hardware in/out. Those are independent/not needed for the io-homecontrol devices. There are up to 200 or 250 io-homecontrol devices possible to connect.

Question 4:
Is there something (simple/low-cost additional work) which should be done by the electrician to be prepared for the future?
For example: he should wire the light switches with neutral for cross connection etc.

I have done some researches and think it could be possible but want to be sure before I order (expensive) stuff which will not work as expected. I’m a beginner to home automation and there is so much stuff I don’t understand or do not understand what it stands for…



Hello Achim,
just a quick thing you should consider:
The Velux binding is struggling with firmware bugs in the KLF200 causing to break the connection from time to time. This has been reported by the maintainers, they tried to work their way around it with passion, but afaik Velux did not yet fix this.
I have 2 devices (Roof window shutter and the blind of the terrace) and I interfaced them to knx switches using openHAB 3.2. So it is possible to bridge to Homematic as well.
But due to the instability that can only be resolved by power-cycling the KLF the WAF is pretty low (The MAF as well I have to admit).

To cut it short: I would always advice to have basic functionality like to shutter controls to be independent from software, cause if there is something unreliable or failing the WAF will go straight down into polar regions.
That said my main “backbone” is the knx bus, everything more fancy is done with OH.
So it is a good idea of you to have io homecontrol switches installed to control the shutters etc. For secondary purposes use the OH binding, maybe Velux will fix the gateway in the future.
To answer your questions:
Q1: Yes, Q2: Don’t know, Q3: Yes
Maybe have him drill deeper holes (“Dosen”) behind your switches and power outlets. This way you will be able to install e.g. ZWave relays behind them later.


Thanks Thomas,
so I will go this route :slight_smile:

My electrician already installed deep holes (Unterputzdosen), at least for the switches. I told him to use deep ones for all upcoming/not yet installed ones.