Integrating danalock

A few of us have discussed before how rubbish the danalock app and website are, and how zwave control tends to be unreliable (and only opens/closes… can’t view or change PINs for those of us with danapad number pads).

Someone clever on the Home Assistant forums has reversed engineered some of the danalock api, and published that and a node-red flow here

I’ve translated it into python and slightly extended it here

Should enable those of us with danalocks and danabridges to integrate into openhab much more easily and reliably than before. Perhaps some clever person could put a binding together, but until then python scripts should do the job…


That’s great, but unfortunately I have no idea how to use this script in openHab.
Could someone please describe to me what to do to access my smartlocks with the script

easiest ways to integrate are to create simple python scripts that you call from the Rules DSL, or (what I do) integrate into habapp. But realistically both require some python knowledge… unless someone much smarter than me wants to turn this into a danalock binding…

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Thank you dan12345.
For all those who, like me, have no idea about Phyton, the Node-RED variant, which dan12345 has linked above, works very well for me in OH3.