Integrating Fortress S02-B alarm system?

Do you guys think it would be possible to integrate the Fortress S02-B alarm system (LINK) in Openhab?
I was thinking that maybe there could be a way to “intercept” the eventual intrusion alarm in openhab but I have no clue how this could be done (connect cables/sensor sensor onto the sirene and turn ON when it goes off??)
Ideas anyone?

You might be able to attach some wires where the siren goes in and hook them up to an Arduino or Raspberry Pi to detect when it goes off. Just make sure the voltage is only 3.5v or else you may fry your board.

The sensors themselves look to be wireless so without reverse engineering the wireless protocol they use to talk to the controller there is no way to get info from them directly.

I’m intrigued by the “call when the alarm goes off” feature. You might be able to take advantage of that using Asterisk, FreeSwitch, FritxBoz) to have the alarm call, for example, your Asterisk box and use the Asterisk integration into OH. That is a lot to set up, though.

You will have to decided how much time you want to spend and how much you want to learn to make this work. I think it might be possible but it is not going to be easy.

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Thanks, I will try in the new house setup and see what I can come up with and post updates if I succeed :slight_smile: