Integrating Media Systems in openhab

Hello everybody,

i am using openhab for a few month now and integrated devices like my hue bulps, z-wave devices an tado thermostats.

now i am on the next step integrating or better said setting up my media system. at this point i need your help because i am not sure, whats the “best practise” for my situation.

my openhab-installation runs on a self-build nas, running openmediavault (on a debian linux). here are all my media files stored, in generell music files and a few movies (ripped images of my dvd collection, because there is no dvd-player any more connected to the tv).
but most of the time i am using services as amazon music/movie or apple music.

my main media devices are a yamaha avr (plus lg-tv) and in another room a airplay speaker of bowers&wilkins (Z2). actually i use the specific apps like amazon music on my iphone or ipad to stream it to the media devices.

now i am looking for a way to controll all these services and devices with the habpanel and i am not sure, how to do it. should i use plex maybe or better a dnla-server? i also read about a daap-server and a itunes-“binding”…

i would be glad if you could help me out with some ideas.

thanks, alex

no idea or thoughts, anyone?

Hi Alexander,

Nice to hear someone is also busy with home automation and audio. I cant help you with your devices. I used a setup with a lot older connection. My amplifier from Cambridge audio is connected by com-port.

Good luck with your installation.
Kind regards Thetmar.