Integrating MWD5 thermostat into Openhab

Hi @Christian_Kittel,

Thanks for your work on this. How did you found out the details of the API, is there any reference anywhere?

Hi @jammin,

There is no API documentation :persevere: I use reverse engineering to determine the API calls.

Thanks for the quick reply @Christian_Kittel

Did you do this with packet capture? I thought the communication was under https so that wouldn’t be possible?

Did this binding end up supporting two-way? In particular I want to be able to set the thermostat to eco mode or turn off when house is not occupied.

@Christian_Kittel Thank you for your work so far! I have 10 of these in my house, and with the varying energy prices in Norway (new price each hour) I need to control this in a smarter manner than what the app offers.

What is the status of 2-way comm? I tried to set the manual setpoint value via the cli interface, but nothing changed in the app.

Hi @seime

i will investigate that. What does the thermostat display show?

After investigation it works for me.

I wrote a little rule:

events.sendCommand('BathRoom_FloorRegulationMode', 'manual');
events.sendCommand('BadOJElectronicsOWD5MWD5Thermostat_ManualSetPointTemperature', '22');

The display of the thermostat and also the app show 22°C (in the thermostat not in the thermostats group).

OK, if 2-way really is implemented I will give it another try this evening!
I did not investigate it much as the forum messages indicated that it was not really implemented.

Thanks again for your great work!

By the way: You spoke about 10 thermostats in your house. Do you have one or more groups? Or do you control every thermostat individually?

In the (branded) app I am using (Microtemp) I can only start by adding zones (groups?), then thermostats. So all of them are connected to a zone, and all but 1 zone have 1 thermostat.

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How did you get the api key for the OJElectronis device?

I ran the app in an Android emulator and sent the network traffic via a local proxy server. There are multiple guides online on how to do this.


Hi @Christian_Kittel - So you created a driver?