Integrating MWD5 thermostat into Openhab

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for a long time I have been looking for a thermostat in which I can calibrate the floor sensor of my existing electric underfloor heating.

Now I found it. It’s OJ electronics MWD5. It has WiFi access and there is an App.
All my other devices are Homematic IP devices.

Has anyone any experience integrating it into OpenHab? There seems to be no binding.

Unfortunately, I dont’ find any documentation how I access the thermostat.


Http binding?

I didn’t see anything on the link about security so you may be able to use wireshare to capture the packages and work it that way.

OK. Good idea. I will try it.


i used wireshark to capture the traffic between the termostat and the cloud. But it’s https, so i had no chance to look in into the traffic.

Any ideas?

Contact the manufacturer and ask if they provide a free API for development. If you tell them you’re trying to integrate this with OH it might help. :crossed_fingers: Free advertisement for their product. :+1:

I wrote an email. Hope for the best.

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Is there any progress here? I am interested as well as I own such one as well. Thanks for your effort.

Unfortunately I didn’t get an answer. :pensive: So i started to write my own binding.

The first function will be to read the temperatures. But it will take a little time.

@paglatz What features do you need most?

Hi Christian,

Most of all I would need manual override. Our Family day is somehow not plannable so the weekly schedule is not very helpful for me. That’s why I would need the manual mode + setting temp there the most. Second would be display of current temperature and an indication whether it is currently heating.

Very interested in how you are facing this?!

Can only offer to test your implementation as I am not very deep in writing own plugins yet (but very interested in how one can do such).

Thanks in advance!

Hi Patrick,

you describe the same topics i will implement first (show temperature and menual override).

If i have some think to test it would be cool if you can test it.

But please: i also have only a little time that’s why the implementation will be take a while.


Hi @paglatz ,

here is my first pull request:

Hi @Christian_Kittel,

Sorry, somehow I was not getting notification about the new message. Changed this now.

Regarding your test: I recognised that my plumber has installed not the wifi based version as it was ordered. I am in a discussion with him right now regarding this but we have other issues with him as well making this one a more minor issue. Maybe I just will buy the thermostat again on my own, but this will take a while. I will leave you a note as soon as I am testing it. Thanks a lot for your contribution.