Integrating Outlook365 calendar information

Using openHAB 3.4.1-release.

I’d like to integrate information from an MS Outlook365 calendar into openHAB. It should simply get information, when todays calendar entries are scheduled. (start_date and end_date is sufficient).
Cherry on top would be to filter for categories attached to the calendar events as I work heavily with those.

Someone did this? I don’t want to dig deep into some heavy libraries like this:

What I have - and what sadly does have big issues - is creating google calendar events every time I add one in my Outlook, so I could use the google calendar Add-On. But the MS Workflow-engine doesn’t allow (yet?) for moving calendar entries, so I only get the intial entry, but not if it was re-scheduled.

So, a simple API-call would suffice to get start and end of calendar events with perhaps a filter on their categories would be nice! Someone did that already?

I may be wrong, but perhaps the iCalendar binding does this?

No, unfortunately not. If you were able to establish a iCal-Export, the date format of Microsoft is not recognized by the binding.

This is interesting. If it looks like a parsing failure, please download the file from your URL and attach it to a new issue. biweekly (the library used for parsing events) is mostly* compliant to RFC 5545. Maybe a little workaround helps.

Not sure, whether other formats are integrable as i do not want to reinvent the wheel and Microsoft often “sets” new standards instead of using existent.

*i simply don’t know if completely, but at least all other implementations where compatible by now.