Integration and device selection questions I am stuck with

Hello Everyone and thanks in advance for answering my questions.

Quick overview:

I am building my home, and all the walls are currently open, and I have the chance to wire everything correctly and choose the correct devices.

After a visit from couple of smart-home companies and the high-cost quotations I received I decided - since I am already an electrical engineer, and a programmer to set on building the system myself.

I am Canadian, but the region I am building the home in works on European standards (240V).

For standard light / outlet control I built my own Arduino / Nodemcu circuit and integrated it with Openhab using MQTT, and even added a quick DHT11 temperature sensor, and created rules on Openhab to run on and off devices based on temp.


Motorized Curtains:
So far, every time I google, I end up with Somfy, and Openhab binding with Somfy. My biggest issue is that it looks like I need to buy their hub / bridge and the binding connect online to their services. I’d rather not have any control in my house depend on the internet as the connection here is unstable, and also I would like to have my equipment work directly with Openhab without middle hubs.

Q: Can the community help me locate a motorized curtain system that can work natively with Openhab?

Scene controllers:

For open spaces (living room, kitchen, reception, etc…) I am planning on using any cheap mounted android tablet and have HAB-PANEL running on it to control lights/ curtains/ scenes. For bedrooms, I would like a button-based solution to avoid the light from the tablet to bother whoever is sleeping scene controller solution with 6 to 8 buttons that works natively with Openhab. Without having to go through another hub like Insteon.

I found this: but unfortunately it is US Z-wave standard not Europe. I am also hoping to find something that doesn’t require battery replacement.

I can also integrate the scene controller by merging it with the nodemcu system, but in this case I need the keypad with pushbuttons only, and I am not sure where I can find something like this.

Q: Can the community help me find a 6 to 8 buttons scene / curtain keypad controller that works natively with Openhab or a keypad only and I will build the circuit on top of it?

HVAC Integration:

I have contracted HAVAC systems from Trane. For regular split AC systems that supports cooling/heating there is an interface board that connects to the AC that will allow any regular 24V thermostat to hook up into it.

Unfortunately, I also have another section in the house that has concealed AC system (Trane MCD) that works with high voltage (line voltage) thermostat. For that one specifically I am completely stuck.

Q: Can the community help me find an Openhab compatible thermostat, one for the regular AC system, and one for the high voltage one.?

Light dimming:

There is an open area in the house that will consist of about 60 LED light, each 10 LED light will be turned on and off and dimmed together. So, 6 zones x 10 LED lights each.

Due to the sheer number of lights, solutions like Philips hue is out of the window as it will cost an arm and a leg, plus the fact that it uses even a third wireless technology (ZigBee) and requires another hub.

Other cheaper alternatives have their own app and I have no clue if they will integrate with Openhab they’re just listed as Alexa, Google assistant compatible.

Another way of doing this is installing a smart dimming switch. But that means I need 6 of them, and my plan was to use a tablet to make scenes and control the light.

Q: Is there an in-line smart LED dimmer compatible with Openhab natively, that optionally and hopefully can also provide RGB (color) control? and What lights can go with it?


I need 3 sets of sensors. Quad-sensor (Motion, light(lux), Temperature, Humidity) for all areas, a smoke, flame, co2 in the kitchen and in front of the fireplace, and window/ door contact sensors on all windows, and some doors.

I am going back and forth between getting sensor modules and hooking it up to the nodemcu myself, and between having a proven, nicely packaged ready sensors to install. And I seem to favor the last option.

Q: Do I have to go Z-wave route for sensors? What other options do I have? Which Z-wave sensors work with Openhab? Has anyone tried a manufacturer with nicely packaged sensors that can be hooked up to Arduino/Nodemcu?

TV integration:

Q: I see LG/Samsung bindings with Openhab, but they seem old to me, and have issues with latest TV sets. Am I wrong and they work fine? or should I prepare for IR sensors for TV control?

Sorry for the long post and looking forward to your assistance.


That could make things difficult if you decide to use Z-Wave. The US.Canada/Mexico region does not usually use 240V in residential receptacles. They only use that for large appliances such as ranges, dryers, hot water heaters, and electric vehicles.

Thank you Bruce, That is why I am trying to stay away from it. If I z-wave device that is what I need. It is either not cleat if it can work with Openhab or in US/Canada/Mexico zone. It is very frustrating and the reason why I am seeking help here.

The different world zones use different frequencies. You do not want to violate the CRTC regulations.

You could use zigbee lights with a zigbee stick and either deconz or zigbee to Mqtt.

Also if you are looking for dimmer switches and/or less check out the digiblur channel on YouTube. He has lots of neat things he has done with tasmota flashes switches.

Lastly for led downlights zemismart makes some moves once that are either zigbee or can be re flashed.

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Thanks Danny.
You opened a can of worms for me with digiblur youtube channel. I will spend the next 2 days watching it.

Zemismart has a lot of the products I need including curtains. They have Tuya and Z-wave devices. From my quick reading Tuya is kind of a protocol built on MQTT but requires kind of a hack to work. Does their z-wave products work out of the box with openHAB or does it need flashing?

I am not sure what deconz is.

To answer the question on the scene control in bedrooms, I have this in my bedroom (quad version)
It can be configured to vibrate/flash (which only occur when the buttons are touched), has a micro USB port to allow for recharging. OH rules can be set to make things happen based on touch, long touch, slide up, and slide down per square.

Other fun thing about it, it uses a 3M sticky pad for the mounting plate to wall and has 2 magnets on the sides that holds the device in place.

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Thanks, I wish to have something with more buttons so I don’t have to use extra button functions like double click or long hold.

But that will do if that is the only option.

Why does the curtain have to work with openHAB natively? Using a WiFi controlled switch like Shelly 2.5 you could use any system. That switch would allow you to use the wallswitch and control via openHAB (via mqtt).

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They should just work if defined in our device database. If not defined they can be added using the information from an OpenHAB device query along with information from the product manual.
Zooz and their online store have been helping us to insure their products are in our database. They also sell on

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Did you figure out the curtains? I’m in the market as well and I’m considering something from zemismart but I’m unsure how well z-wave works with openhab with these devices.

The “buttons” suggested here seem pretty neat too and will start me down a path I’m not ready to start but I’ll definitely keep these items bookmarked.