Integration between Amazon Echo, home automation hub(Delta Dore), OpenHAB, KNX binding

Hi everyone,

I’m a beginner with OpenHAB, I don’t know if it’s a right place to ask this but I hope I’ll have some help.
I have a home automation hub/bridge (Tydom 3.0 of Delta Dore) and I want to use it with my Amazon Echo/Alexa over voice control. All devices in the house are controlled by this hub. The hub is not compatible with Amazon echo but it does support KNX protocol through an IP interface.

I was thinking to use openHAB KNX binding to that supported KNX IP interface as an intermediate gateway to communicate with the devices. Alexa will talk to OpenHAB and then through KNX binding, OpenHAB will talk with the hub to control devices over voice. I’m not sure if it is possible since I don’t have the source code of the hub (proprietary software) so I don’t know their underlying KNX structure i.e group addresses etc.

Any ideas/help on this will be much appreciated. To summarize, how to integrate Amazon Echo/Alexa to a home automation hub which does not support it by default but it does support KNX through an IP gateway?
Thank you in advance.