Integration in Android app?

HABPanel was made available through the Android app in a way that other websites can be easily added. Should I add HABot to the official openHAB app for Android?

Given that HABot can be added to the home screen and behave just like an installed app (as long a you use as your origin) it kind of already is an Android app for all intents and purposes. I don’t know the details on how all this works but from my experience it’s a pretty seamless process and feels fully functional including it’s ability to receive notifications.

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to make it part of the main app but I don’t know that it’s necessary like it was with HABPanel.

Perhaps someone who uses it more heavily than I do (I’ve only played with it minimally) would have a more informed opinion.

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@rlkoshak is right - while HABPanel wasn’t designed as a Progressive Web App, HABot was, therefore on Android the best way for now to add it to your home screen is to use the built-in Chrome (or Firefox) function. In a WebView a lot of functionality will not be available: notifications, voice input…
Now if you deem it valuable to have it in the app, even with these restrictions on funcitonality (the options will simply not be shown), it makes sense too - your call :slight_smile:

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