Integration of Ampere.StoragePRO inverter/battery and Kiwigrid Energy Manager


I am trying to integrate my new PV inverter and battery, but unfortunately the manufacturer doesn’t provide too much information about his interfaces.

According to the manual it provides Ethernet, WLAN and Modbus - which is not really precise :frowning:

The System consists of a hybrid inverter (with battery) and a smart box. The smart box is a white labeled Entergy Manager RailX from Kiwigrid ( Energy Manager RailX | Produkte | Kiwigrid).

Doing some discovering on the line I found some open ports on the smart box but the inverter seems to be in stealth mode (at least nmap doesn’t come up with usable results).

While listening on the line with Wireshark I found that the smart box and the inverter are heavily talking via Modbus TCP and I discovered the following Regersters which are read all the time:

# Reference 	words
# 16489	        6
# 16493         62
# 16629         114
# 40972         24
# 41023         13

Of course, I don’t know what the data is behind those registers but eventually they help to identify what kind of inverter is behind that system. I just can’t believe that they really built their own inverter and not just white labeled another brand :slight_smile:

I tried to use “Sundspec” Plugin and hoped that it works - unfortunately it doesn’t. Actually, the inverter answers with an error message when asking for the holding register 40000.

Any help in identifying what I got here is highly appreciated.

Currently I am in discussion with the manufacturer to get the description of the Modbus registers - but that currently seems to become a endless story :frowning:

Have you found anything? Have the same inverter/battery combi but no smartbox yet.