Integration of digitalStrom in OpenHAB 3

Hello there.

I’m new to OpenHAB 3 and tried to integrate my DigitalStrom Server into Openhab 3.
Unfortunately it doesn’t connect with the status “COMMUNICATION_ERROR IOException / Connection lost”.

As I entered my username and password, an application token was generated. It also connected to the server for a short period of time and i see many of my digitalStrom things in my inbox. When I add them to my semantic model, “BRIDGE_OFFLINE” is shown and they also don’t have channels.

I would be really glad, if anyone could help me with this issue.

UPDATE: After a restart of my raspberry pi, the server is connected to openHAB. The things synchronize their status, but I’m not able to send commands to them. The ON/OFF button changes according to their current state, but when I try to switch them via openHAB, nothing happens.

It seems that openHAB is not able to send commands at all and just receive information about e.g. the switch status. After adjusting the update intervall of the sensor data, it’s stuck at “Checking configuration…”.

Does anyone have any idea or a possible solution?

I can only say that I have no issues sending commands to the digitalSTROM devices.
But I have to admit that I am going to remove digitalSTROM completely for the following reason:

  • My DSS11 is not getting anymore updates, as it is to old and I am not willing to invest another 400-500€ for a newer DSS.
  • digitalSTROM binding looses connection to the DSS very often, so I call it unreliable. Unfortunately the original developer team is not maintaining the binding anymore….

Thank you for the information! I’ve got the DSM12. It’s really frustrating, that it communicates and receives the status, but I’m not able to control my devices and send commands to them.

As said, in general it works, even sending commands.
Sometimes you need to disable the DSS thing (bridge) and reenable it after a couple of seconds…