Integration of smart meter (conforming to IEC 62056-21, optical interface) into openHAB - challenge: interface must be battery operated and use RF

I would like to transfer the data from my smart meter (ISKRA, optical interface conforming to IEC 62056-21) into openHAB (openHABian, 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT - Build #2583, Raspberry Pi 4).

My requirements for the interface smart meter → openHAB are:

AFAIU, depending on the interface hardware chosen, the following technologies could be used for integration into openHAB:

  • Z-Wave Binding
  • ZigBee Binding
  • RFXCOM Binding
  • Smart Meter Binding
  • MQTT Binding
  • openHAB REST API

I’m open to suggestions for the hardware (DIY or COTS) - thanks in advance.

BTW, is anyone using this device: Electricity Meter Interface - smart Zigbee meter for home electricity monitoring - frient?
Edit: seems to be a rebranded Develco product: External Meter Interface - Real-time measurement

I just bought one of these. But it seems like openHAB doesnt like it. Scanning result in an unknown device. But after a few minutes it will turn into online, and show 3 channels.
I´m not sure if @chris has any knowledge of this device and why it behave like it does.

I had a quick look at the develco manual in the link from @Ap15e and it seems that the device supports the current summation delivered, and current summation received attributes - both of which the binding should support (this has been tested on other devices).

If this uses a pulse interface though (??) then I’m not sure how it can differentiate between power delivered and received, so I’m a bit suspicious that there is something else I’m missing.

The device should be given a name - maybe it goes to sleep too quickly after joining the network - if it’s possible to wake it up at the time you create the thing from the inbox entry that might help.

I will mount it on my exssisting Electric meter today, then we’ll see what happens.
Im a bit surprise it has three different Chanels, I thought only one was needed.

If it works, I will also try add it again and presse the wakeup buttone to ser if I get it fullt included. Right now it seems its only missing the name.

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This white label device seems to support a bunch of different interfaces/interface modes - it would be interesting to see the value of attribute 0x0000 and 0x0001 when connected to a pulse interface.

It actually measure two of the three channels just right.

Summation Delivered


Instantaneous Demand

The channel for

Summation Received

doesnt seem to give any value except -0.001

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That sounds fine then. If this is just using a single pulse counter, then it’s not possible for it to provide both Demand and Received channels, snd I would only expect to see the demand.