Integration with Olisto

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(Daniel) #1

Hi all,
I work as a developer at Olisto (a cloud-based IOT rule engine, comparable to IFTTT, but much more awesome obviously) and purely out if personal interest I would like start a little spare-time project to create an integration for OpenHAB in Olisto. This integration would basically expose the devices in an OpenHAB installation to an Olisto account, much like the integrations for Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT do. Users would then be able to use their OpenHAB devices in actions, conditions and triggers in their Olisto rules. This would be available for free to any user of the Olisto app.

Would there be any interest in supporting me in doing this? I would mostly need a set of OAUTH2 credentials for myopenhab. @digitaldan, I’ve seen your name being mentioned in that context?
Also, any pointers to existence of something like webhooks or websockets for real-time event notifications would be appreciated, but if there’s no such thing I can probably make do with the eventstream endpoints used by the web UIs.

(Rich Koshak) #2

Sounds interesting. I can’t help but can wish you good luck!

(Daniel) #3

In the mean time I’ve been working on this a bit and it works quite well. Apart from some fine-tuning the major part missing now is authentication. If anybody is interested, you can try it out by installing the Olisto app, creating an account. Since this is an experimental channel, it is not publicly available. To get access to it, log-in on this page with your Olisto account:
After that, log out of- and back into the Olisto app. You should see OpenHAB in the channels list. Since OAUTH2 has not yet been made available to me, I’ve implemented a hacky login screen for now. You can either enter your myopenhab credentials or copy-paste a session cookie from an established session. I’d go with the later option.
Be aware that this is very much in Beta. As long as it’s not officially released, stuff will change and therefore triggs you create with this may break.
@digitaldan it would be awesome if you could provide me with OAUTH credentials, so that I can stop asking people for stuff I don’t want to be asking them for :wink: