Interactive new user tutorial?

Anyone knows how to find the “interactive new user tutorial”? Started looking into the badges system of this forum and found a badge for finishing the tutorial but no matter what I do I can’t seem to find it :smile:

Also there seems to be an “interactive advanced user tutorial”, haven’t found that one either.

This gamification stuff kills me…

edit: Found some info ( suggesting this has with the new virtual user discobot to do. Tried pm:ing the bot without success. I guess it’s a sign of my home automation currently working a bit too good if I have time to put in things like this, right? :blush:

This is news to me. Maybe it isn’t fully implemented yet.

The info says, you can mention that bot, so give it a try.

Hey @discobot, whats up?

@discobot, tell me, are you here to guide us in our ignorance?

edit: Guess it’s something that needs configuration to work. I guess the ones that has got that badge are users that registered after some point in time and thus got the welcome message from @discobot.

Yes. I think it has been added some time ago and new users will be recognized then.
It doesn’t answer my test message too.

We are to old for @discobot :disappointed_relieved:


Age discrimination! This is NOT ok! I feel offended…

At least it is gender-neutral.

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I’ll give it a shot. Hi @discobot, am I too old? :smile:

Once more. @discobot start new user

Already tried that in pm’s to him (her?). Doesn’t appear to be awake…

Seems that the bot is disabled. I tried pm’s too.