Interested in broadlink rm pro questions

Hi everyone I’m looking for suggestions for a infrared and radio frequency remote that openhab can use too send remote controll commands to my tv projector and amplifier

I only know of two the broadlink Pro and harmomy hub I’m looking for a non cloud based solution if available

Is anyone here using any of these are they both cloud based

I usse a WemosMini (ESP8266) with Tasmota software.
IR send and IR receive is already implemented you have just
to connect a IR Diode and a IR Receiver

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If you also want RF then Broadlink Pro is the easiest choice.
For IR only you could also take a look at zmote.

I’m not sure if I do need rf but it would be better to have it than not too does the broadlink need cloud servers or does it run locally

The device running local is a pretty big must you can never trust the cloud servers too be online in the near future

I’m not sure if it’s needed in the initial setup (probably is to get it connected to the wifi), but I have two rm3 minis running local network only. And using to control it.

I have mine in a iot network with mqtt ports allowed in to control it.

I don;t have the app on my phone any more

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This works fine. Ass soon i discovered it in the broadlink thread, i activated my broadlink minis again. These were unused because of setup hassle and unknown future of the binding.

Now, with bradlink-mqtt they work like a charm. Setup is great as well. No external app or copying of files around, just send a new key and the next IR signal will be recorded as that key. Great stuff.

I’m extremely interested in the broadlink watched a few more videos on YouTube and it can controll an xbox too pretty much a done deal lol

Is there a way to guarantee getting an older version there are problems with new versions (so I have heard) I do not plan on using this with echo only openhab and Google home

Are you saying that once it’s setup it does not need too talk too there cloud servers could anyone test this and confirm

Could someone send me a sample of a rule they are using with this

I have an RM Mini but expect the PRO to behave the same: I run mine in a closed IoT network and it works like a charm (connected to OpenHab via exec binding). So while I cannot confirm that it does not “talk home” (it keeps trying to reach some amazonws-Servers on ports 80, 1812, 8080, 8090, and 16384), I know it still works if it can’t reach “home”.