Interface of block programming (as Scratch)

Hi everyone! My name is Allex and I’m starting with openHAB.

I’m thinking of an experiment with a kind of “block programming”, like Scratch to create the routines in a Smart Home.

I saw some projects in this way, as Scratch for Arduino ( , Snap for Arduino ( and I would like to do it with IoT commercial smart devices.

I thought to use OpenHAB to connect the devices and in some way integrate them with this kind of interface, like a plugin (I need to go deep in openHAB to see how it would works).

What do you think about it? Is there anything in that way?

Thanks in advance!

If you search the forum, I believe OH3 supports Blockly.

Thanks @Bruce_Osborne , I will take a look!

Actually it was demonstrated in last year’s Meetup.

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