Interfacing Solplanet Inverter API

I use a Solplanet ASW5000H-S2 Inverter and want to retrieve data from the cloud.
They have an API which is documented: AISWEI API Manual (
I found a successful approach on this on StackOverlow: python - AISWEI Solar API - Get Plant List - Stack Overflow
They use PHP or Python. Can I use this approach in openHAB?
Unfortunately I don’t know how to implement this.
Do you have any hints?

Probably the easiest would be to call the Python script using the Exec binding or executeCommandLine from a rule.

The next easiest is if you are using HABApp you might be able to integrate the Python directly into a rule.

The next easiest would be to modify the Python to run as an independent service and push data to OH through the REST API or some other means (e.g. MQTT).

The hardest will be taking that Python and converting it to jRuby, JS, Groovy, or Rules DSL (soon Blockly will have native support for HTTP calls but not yet) to do the same things

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