Internal server error

I mistakenly added a second account using the same uuid and secret

I need to get the second account removed so I can properly add a user to my account

Is this where I get support?

I would prefer not posting the email address here…


Login with the account you want to remove, click on your email adress in the upper right corner, go to “Account”, click on “Delete account”

When I go to I get “Internal Server Error”

I even tried changing MY uuid and secret so they did not match and I still got the error

The account I need deleted is

My wife… I am

I logged in during the time I wrote the answer to your question, it’s working … at least from Germany :innocent:

The gets that error, is fine

On my openhab I reset the UUID and secret so that I could get working again with

When I attempt to go to the account settings for I still get Internal Server Error

I think I am going to need it deleted by an admin for the site


I am still having issues, when I visit the account page to click delete account it only shows “Internal Server Error”

Who can help with the openHAB Cloud user accounts?

@Kai Do we have an issue tracker or support mail address for

We have the support forum.
@w2vy Note that this category here (“openHAB Cloud”) is about the software project itself, which also has an issue tracker: But this won’t help you if you have trouble with your account on

@digitaldan Could you check what might cause the error 500 for the account

that is all i have been trying to find.

maybe the site should include a link to the forum on a support category (maybe past account)

i already posted there…

still busted

@w2vy can you send an email to ( new support email we have set up ). And detail which account you want to keep and which should be deleted, I can help you with that.