Intertechno -> Homegrear -> openhab2?

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to get information regarding integrating intertechno devices via a SCC from busware to openhab2 – however, most of the ppl use a CUL which is directly integrated via the intertechno binding in openhab2, so maybe somebody can clarify on this topic.

As far as I understand, it is possible to use the homegear intertechno module with the SCC (at least it is listed in the homegear manual). The question is, how the devices get integrated in opnehab2? Will they be listed via the homematic binding or will I have to configure the intertechno binding to use homegears’ intertechno module?

Reg. the intertechno binding I couldn’t find any information how to set up a remote gateway (either use homegear or e.g. a CUNX) in openhab2 like I can do with the homematic binding.

I’d be really happy if somebody could comment on this or provide me with some documents.

Thank you very much!


I’m one of “those” who are using a CUL, so my Inputs for migth be limited.

Yes, a CUL can directly be used from OH using the Intertechno binding. Since I don’t know and don’t have the SCC I can’t tell for sure what this one can do, however:

The firmware that should be flashed is out of the same familiy as the one for the CUL. If you have it installed, you could test if you can “talk” to it via “screen” or “minicom”. Look for the documentation here: CUL Firmware and Command Reference.
If you can send the commands via “screen” or “minicom”, the direct use via the intertechno binding (without homegear) should be possible (keeping fingers crossed).

I am not sure about Intertechno, but i used a Max! button for a short time with Homegear. This Button was included into openHAB via the Homematic Binding.

I guess, Intertechno via Homegear works similar.

In my understanding for an openHAB user the use of homegear to control a Max! button or an Intertechno plug is a detour!
Unless you want to have this sending Hardware on another locaqtion.

Thank you all very much for your input reg. my question!

I understand that from your experience, the devices paired via homegear (no matter what technology is used) will appear via the homematic binding as homegear devices. This is a helpful information since I was assuming this, but couldn’t find any confirming information.

@opus, I agree that a direct integration by using the intertechno binding would be the preferable way. However, I understand that it should be possible to integrate a remote communication hardware in the intertechno binding, e.g. by using homegear on a Pi with a CUL/SCC/CUNX and I can’t find much information on how to configure the intertechno binding.

In the documentation of the intertechno binding, it refers to a ser2net and a tuxnet device. I read the docs about ser2net but I have no clue about a tuxnet device tho… Maybe I’m a bit naive but I was thinking that with the intertechno binding I could just enter the IP and Port of my communication device with the CUL/SCC/CUNX and thereby integrate it in openhab2 directly.

In general, what I’m trying to achieve is to run the openhab2 installation on a VM and use a dedicated communication device but still unsure about the preferable setup.

Thank you very much!

Just read that part also. Yes, according to that it should also be possible to use a remote CUL/SCC… on another System (pi etc). As I understand the documentation, a homegear isn’t needed for that as well. But I have no knowledge on that. (So far!)

That may be true, but the direct way is not always the best.

I must say, i didn’t even think about using a Max! Binding, because i knew of Homegears capabilities and it was just for a test.

I just checked, and if i had still use for the Max! Button, i would use Homegar again. Here are the reasons:

  • the Max!CUL Binding is an 1.x binding, the other Binding is just for the cube
  • Homegear is absolutely rock stable and fast and i use it for Homematic
  • I am used to the Homematic Binding

Yes, it may be a detour, but in my case a detour with just advantages. :wink:

If you are comfortable with it, that is fine and if you aed using for other things even better.

I was really curious about that remote usage with ser2net.

I tried it with my secondary raspi, installed ser2net, did the config as described for my ttyUSB0, started ser2net and changed the culintertechno.cfg in order to call the remote stick and … works like a charm.