Intertechno with 2 networking CULs

Hello everybody,

my name is Matthias, my friends call me harry. :wink:

I am facing the following challange:

I am using openhab 2.3 with Intechno Binding for a while now. It is running on ubuntu 18.0.4.
To reach the IT devices, I am using a CUL over network with SER2NET. The CUL is connected via USB to a RasPi2 with Raspbian. Everything is working fine.

But now I would like to increase the reach of the CUL to switch some Intertechno sockets in my garden.
My consideration was to install a second RasPi with a CUL. So I bought a RasPi and a CUL and configured it like the first one.
Now my little problem. How is it possible to bring the Intertechno binding to use both networking CULs?
Is there a way to do so?
I am searching for a solution for a few days now.

I hope there is anybody with an idea or solution for me.

Thank you.


I am also using a networked CUL in my setup, but instead of using the Intertechno binding, I wrote a simple bridge service that connects the CUL via MQTT (see This would allow for as many CULs as you like. Of course this means rewriting your configuration to use MQTT, so I am not sure if this is an option for you.

Did you look into This?

Thanks for the idea.
I think in my case it wouldn’t work, because the distance between the culs is to high (approximately 50 meters). But if i am facing the problem within the building it could be an option.

Thanks for your reply. I think that is a good idea. Much work, but it could be a possibilty for me.
I’ll try it out.