Intesis Binding and Google Home


I have been able to successfully install and get running my intesis binding to cobtrol AC as well as google assistant integration.

My challenge relates to to device on/off. The default modes (separate item to power) only lists modes such as cool, heat etc. So whilst I can adjust temperature and mode, I cant actually turn off/on the thing.

Has anyone been abke to solve this?

Thanks in advance

Create a proxy Item whith the modes you need and combine it with a rule to set the corred modes for the device.

Thanks @hmerk for the quick response. Apologies, I still learning the nuiances of OpenHab.

Understand how to create the rule once I have the proxy item/mode however how to I create or add that. At the moment, I only have the default values and not sure how to add/amend.


If your screenshot should show the proxy item, you did not understand what a proxy item is.
Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, it is not meant to be.

A proxy item is an item whithout any channel linked to. So basically here it is a String Item which can have the states OFF/AUTO/DRY/FAN/COOL
Let’s call the Item


Your rule should be defined to be triggered by a change of your proxy item. In old DSL rules this would be

        Item IntesisBox_Adapter_Unit_ModeProxy changed
       if(IntesisBox_Adapter_Unit_Mode.state =="OFF" {
       } else {
          if (IntesisBox_Adapter_Unit_Power.state==OFF) {

This rule is completely untested but should give you a feeling what to do.

Not harsh at all and undesrtand the concept of the rule :slight_smile: and the logic you have outlined.

My gap in knowledge (apologies on a few weeks in to my OpenHab journey) is around how to create the proxy item.

Just like any other item, just don’t link it to a thing channel.

Thanks @hmerk. Haven’t created a item before without using a binding but think I have managed to get it work :slight_smile: