Intesis me-ac-knx-1-v2


I’m still struggling with my me-ac-knx-1-v2. I’ve got a Mitsubishi Aircon and still try to integrate it into openhab.

I’m just not advanced enought to integrate it… ON/OFF works although :slight_smile:

Can anybody help me integrate it in my things / items and maybe in sitemap or point me in the right direction?

Screenshots attached.

What I want to do:

  • Switch on and off
  • Set temperature
  • Read actual Temperature
  • Switch through modes (Auto / Cool / Dry / Heat / Fan)
  • Switch through fan speeds
  • Switch through Vane Positions including swing

Thank you very very much in advance!

Ok, I got a step further… right now ON/OFF and Fan Speed is working…

my .items

Switch      EG_Buero_Klima_AnAus                    "Klimaanlage Büro An/Aus [%s]"                          (EG_Buero) { channel="knx:device:GIRA2167:ME-AC-KNK-1-V2_22:Kanal_22_A" }
Number      EG_Buero_Klima_Modus                    "Klimaanlage Büro Modus [%s]"                           (EG_Buero) { channel="knx:device:GIRA2167:ME-AC-KNK-1-V2_22:Kanal_22_B" }
Switch      EG_Buero_Klima_Modus_CoHea              "Klimaanlage Büro Modus Cool Heat"                      (EG_Buero) { channel="knx:device:GIRA2167:ME-AC-KNK-1-V2_22:Kanal_22_C" }
Switch      EG_Buero_Klima_Modus_IncDec             "Klimaanlage Büro Modus Inc-Dec"                        (EG_Buero) { channel="knx:device:GIRA2167:ME-AC-KNK-1-V2_22:Kanal_22_D" }
Number      EG_Buero_Klima_FanSpeed_Num             "Klimaanlage Büro Lüfter Num"                           (EG_Buero) { channel="knx:device:GIRA2167:ME-AC-KNK-1-V2_22:Kanal_22_E" }
Number      EG_Buero_Klima_FanSpeed_Proz            "Klimaanlage Büro Lüfter Proz"                          (EG_Buero) { channel="knx:device:GIRA2167:ME-AC-KNK-1-V2_22:Kanal_22_F" }
Switch      EG_Buero_Klima_Fan_Auto_Man             "Klimaanlage Büro Lüfter Auto Manuell"                  (EG_Buero) { channel="knx:device:GIRA2167:ME-AC-KNK-1-V2_22:Kanal_22_G" }
Number      EG_Buero_Klima_Louver_Num               "Klimaanlage Büro Louver Num"                           (EG_Buero) { channel="knx:device:GIRA2167:ME-AC-KNK-1-V2_22:Kanal_22_H" }
Number      EG_Buero_Klima_Louver_Proz              "Klimaanlage Büro Louver Proz"                          (EG_Buero) { channel="knx:device:GIRA2167:ME-AC-KNK-1-V2_22:Kanal_22_I" }
Switch      EG_Buero_Klima_Louver_Auto_Man          "Klimaanlage Büro Louver Auto Manuell"                  (EG_Buero) { channel="knx:device:GIRA2167:ME-AC-KNK-1-V2_22:Kanal_22_J" }
Switch      EG_Buero_Klima_Louver_Swing             "Klimaanlage Büro Louver Swing"                         (EG_Buero) { channel="knx:device:GIRA2167:ME-AC-KNK-1-V2_22:Kanal_22_K" }
Number      EG_Buero_Klima_Temp_Set                 "Klimaanlage Büro Set Temp"                             (EG_Buero) { channel="knx:device:GIRA2167:ME-AC-KNK-1-V2_22:Kanal_22_L" }
Switch      EG_Buero_Klima_Temp_IncDec              "Klimaanlage Büro Temp DecInc"                          (EG_Buero) { channel="knx:device:GIRA2167:ME-AC-KNK-1-V2_22:Kanal_22_M" }
Switch      EG_Buero_Klima_Status_OnOff             "Klimaanlage Büro Status OnOff"                         (EG_Buero) { channel="knx:device:GIRA2167:ME-AC-KNK-1-V2_22:Kanal_22_N" }

my .things

Thing device ME-AC-KNK-1-V2_22 "AC 22" @ "KNX" [ address="1.1.28", fetch=false, pingInterval=600, readInterval=0 ]
Type    switch  :       Kanal_22_A      "Klimaanlage Büro An/Aus [%s]"                  [ ga="2/6/0+<2/6/0" ]
Type    number  :       Kanal_22_B      "Klimaanlage Büro Modus [%s]"                   [ ga="20.015:2/6/1+<2/6/1" ]
Type    switch  :       Kanal_22_C      "Klimaanlage Büro Modus Cool Heat"              [ ga="1.100:2/6/2+<2/6/2" ]
Type    switch  :       Kanal_22_D      "Klimaanlage Büro Modus Inc-Dec"                [ ga="1.007:2/6/3+<2/6/3" ]
Type    number  :       Kanal_22_E      "Klimaanlage Büro Lüfter Num"                   [ ga="5.010:2/6/4+<2/6/4" ]
Type    number  :       Kanal_22_F      "Klimaanlage Büro Lüfter Proz"                  [ ga="5.001:2/6/5+<2/6/5" ]
Type    switch  :       Kanal_22_G      "Klimaanlage Büro Lüfter Auto Manuell"          [ ga="1.002:2/6/6+<2/6/6" ]
Type    number  :       Kanal_22_H      "Klimaanlage Büro Louver Num"                   [ ga="5.010:2/6/7+<2/6/7" ]
Type    number  :       Kanal_22_I      "Klimaanlage Büro Louver Proz"                  [ ga="5.001:2/6/8+<2/6/8" ]
Type    switch  :       Kanal_22_J      "Klimaanlage Büro Louver Auto Manuell"          [ ga="1.002:2/6/9+<2/6/9" ]
Type    switch  :       Kanal_22_K      "Klimaanlage Büro Louver Swing"                 [ ga="1.002:2/6/10+<2/6/10" ]
Type    number  :       Kanal_22_L      "Klimaanlage Büro Set Temp"                     [ ga="9.001:2/6/11+<2/6/11" ]
Type    switch  :       Kanal_22_M      "Klimaanlage Büro Temp DecInc"                  [ ga="1.007:2/6/12+<2/6/12" ]
Type    switch  :       Kanal_22_N      "Klimaanlage Büro Status OnOff"                 [ ga="1.001:2/6/13+<2/6/13" ]

And now I’m trying to build the sitemap…


Frame label="Klimaanlage" {
Switch item=EG_Buero_Klima_AnAus label="An / Aus" icon="snow"
Switch item=EG_Buero_Klima_FanSpeed_Num label="Lüfterstufe" icon="fan" mappings=[1="1", 2="2", 3="3", 4="4"]

Now i’m trying to get the “Mode” up and running… but it seems that I’m running in exactly this problem.

Selection item=EG_Buero_Klima_Modus label="Modus" icon="settings" mappings=[0="Auto", 1="Heat", 3="Cool", 9="Fan", 14="Dry"]

As you kann see in my “things” I try to use DPT 20.015.

I tried with Number, Selection and so on in my sitemap. Even as Dimmer and String in items and things but I always get:

21:01:25.395 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent     ] - Item 'EG_Buero_Klima_Modus' received command 0
21:01:25.403 [INFO ] [arthome.event.ItemStatePredictedEvent] - EG_Buero_Klima_Modus predicted to become 0
21:01:25.408 [DEBUG] [x.internal.handler.DeviceThingHandler] - None of the configured GAs on channel 'knx:device:GIRA2167:ME-AC-KNK-1-V2_22:Kanal_22_B' could handle the command '0' of type 'DecimalType'

Anyone got a hint?

Change the DPT from 20.015 to 5.005! It will work, I have many ME AC Intesisbox Interfaces and they all work fine.
Try your setup in things like this:

Type    number  :       Kanal_22_B      "Klimaanlage Büro Modus [%s]"                   [ ga="5.005:2/6/1+<2/6/1" ]

Something that might not be working with this interface is that it has a control and a status object which you should pair in different ga’s (2/6/1+ a new one for status): object 1 for control and object 47 (or 44 depending on parameter configuration) for status.

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Nice! Worked instantly!

Have you got a full example of an indoor unit (sitemap and things)?

No, sorry, no sitemaps here! As for a things file, it very much depends on the parameter configuration of your interface.
Glad I could help!

Hello Alex,

I’ve seen you use the KNX Datatype 1.007 for Increase/Decrease some Values.
How you visualize these items? (and how to connect them in a propper way with the visu?)
-> I need this kind of application, to adjust my setpoint on my MDT Heating Actuator