Introducing the Telegea community project

I would like to introduce to you the Telegea community project for thermal energy management.

Telegea is a modular platform focused mainly on thermal energy monitoring and control. It aims at increasing the efficiency of heating/cooling systems by applying smart and innovative technologies. The platform is developed as open source and we invite anyone interested to join the community.

There are certainly synergies with OpenHAB and we are looking into the possibility to integrate Telegea by providing specific bindings and interfaces.

Please find all available information and resource here:

Looking forward to your feedback.
Thanks, Ondrej


as an update to my previous post, here is a picture of the data collection and control device we are currently developing for the Telegea project.

This is still a prototype but we plan to start a first production batch soon. Wired and wireless sensors can be connected to the device as well as pulse counters or digital status inputs. Control tasks can be performed via 4 on-board relays. The touch display is optional and only plugged in for specific applications like the smart thermostat.

Network connectivity is achieved via Ethernet or Wifi. The communication with the device is performed with the ModbusTCP and MQTT protocols. This should make it quite simple to query the device from OpenHab.