Introduction; looking for recommendations

Hi, I am just about to start rebuilding my HA system for ground zero with openHab. I started out with Lowes Iris years ago then migrated to SystronicsRF because Lowes bailed and SystronicsRF could use the Iris devices. Well, SystronicsRF disappeared about a year ago and I have changed residences as well. I have an RPi 3 and 4 I can use, an aeotech zwave gen5 stick and a Digi Zigbee XStick. The only usable devices I have besides that are 2 Amazon smart plugs. I plan to use openHadian install.
So I’m looking for recommendations for device hardware. My goal is several indoor motion detectors and I want to control all entry locks, garage door, outside lights, and some interior lights from openHab or Alexa voice commands.
My first question is the entry door deadbolts. I see one can get zwave, zigbee or wifi versions. What are the pros and cons of the different protocols relative to security? What brands rank best for openHab use?
For wifi smartplugs what is the easiest plugs to integrate to openHab without any other phone/cloud/remote required interface? I’m concerned about being tied into some external system that is skimming data of any kind as well as future support.
Any recommendations for selecting hardware would be appreciated. Obviously cost is an issue since I need a lot of stuff but so are security and ease of integration.
Thanks in advance,

Welcome to the community. We don’t really “rank” any equipment around here, as everyone’s needs and preferences are different. Personally, I have a Schlage BE469, because I like having a keypad. I don’t know anything about other options, but with Z-Wave/Zigbee you can at least be sure that it’s not communicating over the Internet.

Note: if you go Z-Wave, don’t use the inclusion button on your Aeotech stick. Secure inclusion has to be done from within openHAB.

I usually steer people toward TP-Link Kasa plugs, because:

  1. They’re inexpensive (and go on sale often).
  2. They can be controlled locally be openHAB and denied Internet access (via your router). I haven’t done that myself, because I’m not concerned about TP-Link knowing when my lights are turned on. If you want to get firmware updates, you’ll obviously need to allow them Internet access.
  3. They’ve worked very reliably for me for 5+ years.

Others prefer to go the Tasmota/MQTT route, often with Shelly or Tuya-manufacturered devices. I have some Tuya power bars that have been flashed with Tasmota and they work well, but it’s more hassle to get them set up. For me, Kasas just work with a minimum of cost and fuss.

I personally despise Belkin Wemos for many reasons (mostly related to terrible firmware). However, I abandoned them when I switched to Kasas, so maybe they’re better nowadays. I can’t recommend them based on my experience.

I’m not sure if your Amazon-brand plugs will work natively, or if you would need an Echo to serve as a bridge for them. I suspect the latter.

Availability is also an issue. And because of that, it really comes down to you needing to find out what you can buy wherever you live, and then searching the openHAB community and documentation to see if there’s a binding or discussion about it. Otherwise, we’re just tossing out suggestions for things that you might not even be able to get, and that’s a waste of your time and ours.

BTW, if you come across some random brand on Amazon, the odds are high that they’re Tuya devices. If they mention the Smart Life app, they’re definitely Tuya devices.

Thank you very much for the info.