Invers icon for rollershutter

Hello together,

i am using OH2 and i had installed z-wave rollershutter “Fibaro FRGM-222”.
Now i can control them by Basic-UI and via rules.
So far - so good!

But in my sitemap the icon , shows the inverse state.
When the blinds are open (100%) the icon shows closed blinds.
When the blinds are closed (100) the icon shows open blinds.


Switch item=RollerShutter_01_Control 	label="Wohnzimmer 1 [%d %%]" icon="rollershutter"

The z-wave modul is correct calibrated.

Is there a chance to shows the correct state of my blinds?
Can i use my own icons or can i modify the existing icons?

Go to your Blinds Control channel and change the “Invert percentage value”:



Thanks for your answer.
But there is noch parameter to invert the values. :frowning:

Do you have a parameter-number of the modul? (e.g. switch-type = 14)
Then i can set the parameter directly in the nodex.xml file.

Those are there since ages, take a look again:


Then click pencil/edit sign:

or use HABmin:

That won’t help, next time the device gets reinitialized the manual changes are gone.

In my Paper-UI settings, there is no option to invert the value.
And i dont have HABmin in use.

Attached there is a screenshot of my Paper-UI view.


You are at the wrong place, that is your zwave thing.
You need to go to the channel (see my picture above)

Ahhhhhh! Now i found the setting! :slight_smile:
I thougt, it must be a basic setting of the thing.

Thank you so much!

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