Invocation of handleCommand() before initializing has finished

I observed that Thing.handleCommand() can be invoked, before Thing.initialize() has been finished.

From the binding developer perspective, I find this a bit unintuitive. Is this intended behavior? I would expect that a Thing is only started to be used, when it has finished initializing.

According to my understanding of the thing handler signals „initialized“ by setting the thing status to UNKNOWN, ONLINE or OFFLINE. This is a sort of „ready to process commands“. So the thing handler of a thing that is still in UNINITIALIZED or INITIALIZING should not receive commands.

If it does, it is a bug. Can you show the code that produces this problems?

That’s embarrassing. I should have read the documentation more accurately. updateStatus(ThingStatus.UNKNOWN) was called to early in my initialize() and after that handleCommand() can be invoked by the framework.