Io-homecontrol / velux - something's in the bush

Ahh okay… I havn´t updated the firmware yet, cause I´m not quite sure what exactly has changed, which is why I was waiting for an updated binding as well…
Is there a description or doc of the needed changes in opnehab config and items related to be using firmware v.2 ?

Sure, pls. take a look at the appropriate README within the mentioned repo.

But be warned as described within the famous last word of this document that the new firmware eliminates the Web Interface on the LAN port.

I have a really simple question regarding the KLF200:
Can I use it to control my existing windows, without any wiring at all? Can I control the KLF200 wirelessly and then it controls the windows wirelessly?

If your windows are electrical Velux IO Integra windows, then yes.
KLF 200 will pair (or dublicate) your remote control (KLR200) getting to know your windows and parse on the key. After that you can use openhab or web interface of the KLF200 to control the windows.
You can still continue to use your remote control (KLR200) as well.

That sounds great - I have to look into that :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

A good start is to read the KLF200 guide. It explain pretty well whats required and how to get KLF200 to know your windows.

before I start the update to the latest version I wanted to ask if it is possible to disable wifi with the new firmware?
If so how can I then access the web interface?

The wifi the normally active immediately after the startup.
Of course, it is possible to deactivate the wifi.
Then, the web interface is gone (until you initiate a reboot).

Just wanted to make sure - I want to control the external blinds from my own automation.
Is KLF200 enough or do I still need KUX110 connected to them and KLF200 works as a proxy and communicates with KUX110?

The KUX110 is providing 24 Volt power to up to five devices. If you already have standalone product i.e. solar roller shutters, they will operate independantly.

Ah, so the radio receiver and the driver itself is in a motor module? Could I use then single KUX110 to operate (or just provide power to - if i understood you correctly) rollers of 3 different windows and control them each separately with KLF200?

For the solar-based shutters, I haven’t got an additional control unit - it’s a completely standalone setup outside of the windows.

The AC-based shutters will need an additional KUX 110 (providing power); recently I have replaced a solar-based shutter (SSL) with an AC-based (KUX+shutter-motor = power+intelligence-within-the-shutter).

To put it in a nutshell: the KLF200 just replaces any remote control unit (KLF50, KLR100, KLR200).

I have got two questions:

  1. I’ve got a SOMFY RS100 IO motor in my shutters. Has anyone managed to control the SOMFY RS100 IO with the KLF200? From the discussions so far I understand that it should be possible, but has anyone actually done it?
  2. What is the reason that the KLF200 is so difficult to find? I only found sellers on ebay, but e.g. in the German Velux shop I’ve not been able to find it…
    Thanks again!

ad2) give a try. Recently I had bought the KLF200 from the U.K. ;-(

I’m sorry if I have overseen this before, but is there anywhere a tutorial how to actually bind a Somfy rollershutter (controlled via Somfy io homecontrol wireless switch) or a Somfy garage door motor (controller over Somfy’s garage door remote control) to the KLF200? I have tried out the two options it gives me when not going into repeater mode but none discovers any device.

Did you already try to register a remote control like described with the user’s manual (pages 12 to 19)?
Repeater mode should not be an option.

Hi… I try using the remote control from Somfy. I don’t have an KLR200, but I assumed that it should be possible to pair the Somfy stuff with the KLF200 without additional hardware. Am I wrong with that? In the manual there’s the description for KLR200 and for wired connections as far as I can read.

My scenario would be to control Somfy io homecontrol rollershutters and Somfy Dexxo garage door motor with the KLF200.

Sorry if I seem totally basic on it, but I feel a bit lost with the KLF200. Been trying now for over an hour and wasted a battery in the somfy io homecontrol switch and no success :frowning:

In general it should be possible to use any io-homecontrol with the KLF200.

Does the somfy device support learning mode to register a new remote control? If yes, try to activate it and put the KLF into learning mode as well (via Web Interface).

Hello @gs4711,

I have a Somfy switch like this:

If I get it right in the KLF200 I have to pick “search for products” (right side)

and then press on my Somfy switch up, down or “my”.

Yet the KLF200 just tells me it has not discovered anything. Am I doing anything wrong?

I also have a Somfy Tahoma box. Can I use that alternatively to a switch to send out the signal?


Your actions depends upon if the product has already been paired with a remote, and which kind of remote
From the linked manual it looks to be a one-way remote.

You must either copy the config from your twoway remote, or put the product into pairing mode as shown for one-way remote.

From the manual you can see how to put the somfy product in to pairing mode again:
" Auswechseln eines verlorenen oder beschädigten io-Funksenders
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