ioBroker Binding

After testing openHAB, FHEM and ioBroker i recognized that all tools got something special.

Every tool has its Pro and Cons. I found the most positv aspects for me in OpenHAB. But i need ioBroker for some special tasks. So why not write a binding to use iobroker as thing.

ioBroker has already an adapter to import openHAB, but i think it would be nicer if openHAB is the master…

I am unable to code, especially in java…

So what do you i think of my idea?

Is there anybody out there who can code a binding? ioBroker ist very open, there is a socket adapter which makes all objects available through a json interface.

Greeting from Germany


If there is a raw socket open that doesn’t require anything special like authentication one should be able to integrate with it using the TCP/UDP binding and some rules. Ultimately a new binding is probably warranted but this can get people by until someone takes up the challenge.

The socket would be one possibility but MQTT is also possible. This may work for few items and is very “manualy”. A binding would be very nice.

Is there a official wishlist/ feature request list for openhab?

Any news on that?
I also want to control an object in ioBroker using OpenHAB2

No News from my side. After testing FHEM, ioBroker and OpenHAB i switched to Homeassistant. And i am happy with my decision.