I want to present the connection between openhab and ioBroker.
OpenHAB is a great software and has so many bindings, but it is not possible to create such a visualisation with it.
ioBroker has 3 interesting features:

  • Visualisation via vis,
  • Autodetection (not UPnP devices will be detected too, of course only that supported)
  • Multihost (You can spread the adapters/bindings over many PCs/RasPIs)

If you will combine these 2 automation systems you can implement absolutely everything.

There are many videos and tutorials to install ioBroker. To use OpenHAB adapter you should switch to latest repository. How to do it you can find in ioBroker forum, or just ask here.

Visualisations you can check here:

If interesting, just ask here or in iob forum.
Thanks, Bluefox


ioBroker is using JavaScript.
So you can use SSE to receive events from openhab and you can use the Rest API of openhab to send commands from iobroker to openhab.

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Maybe I expressed myself inaccurately, but everything has long been done and works perfectly.


Motivated by your post I tried to install iobroker on my MAC but it seems not to work on this platform anymore (although advertised).
A very disappointing “out of the box” experience.
Workaround to install a Linux on virtual machine … :confounded:

I guess I will give it another try in 2 years.


I was able to install it on my Mac with Node 6 without any problem and also install the openHab adapter and connect it … works great.

That is interesting!
Meanwhile I have installed iobroker on an old Raspberry P, played with the concept and I am really impressed.
The learning curve was steep, documentation decent and of course it is Javascript.

I did not discover the openhab adaptor.
Will further look at this.


I added yesterday openhab to the stable repository and after you refresh your repo, you will see it:

I reactivated this old thread because I wanted to install IoBroker on an old PI and use it in the same network. Frontail is using the port 9001 which is also needed by IoBroker so I can´t get IoBroker running.

Is it possible to change the port of Frontail or change something in the IoBroker side? I don´t know how to use both in the same network.
Thanks for any help.

You can set the port in /opt/iobroker/iobroker-data/iobroker.json

The line like this one:

And then restart