IOS 2.1 Release and Project Update

Here’s a bug report:

On an nginx reverse proxy I am using an invalid certificate. The server is running on while the certificate is a letsencrypt one for The app will present a popup to not use, use once, use always. Fine. I select “use always”.

Afterwards, the app will work - But will never request icons (“GET /icon/…”) and thus display no icons.
If I switch to a http connection, i.e. turn off https, the icons will be loaded and displayed.

I assume the same will happen with a self-signed certificate for

The new iOS app and the switch to Swift are great news!! Thanks a lot for your effort!


Great improvements, many thanks for your effort.

However, i have a question about the setpoint value change, how much is possible to press on the setpoint value and change it to any other value directly other than to click Up and Down only.

For example i have a min value 0 and maximum value 80 with step 1. If i need to change from 0 to 50 directly without clicking Up button to increase the value one by one.

Thank you again,

Hi Elie,
Not sure if I understand your question, but I think this is a setting you need to define in your sitemap, I have for instance this for a Sonos volume controller:

Setpoint item=Sonos_LR_Volume minValue=0 maxValue=100 step=5

Great work. Thank you so much, @timbms!

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As a workaround selecting “Ignore SSL Certificates” will work and icons will be displayed. Since this is not really an option for me, I created a root ca and imported the root certificate into my iphone.

In your example to get from 0 to 100 with a step of 5 you have to press the up button 20 times. I think what @Hollako means is to press on the setpoint item and directly input the value “100” (or whatever value) without having to use the UP and DOWN arrows.

I also would find this handy but I’m not sure that this functionality exists

Hello Maurits,

what i meant exactly this is what @Lucas mentioned, in the Android app this feature is included already so it will be great to be added to IOS app.

Thank you,

Please note that 2.1.4(24) is now available on appstore.


Hi @timbms!

Thanks for your big effort! I think many people like me appreciate it so much.

I have a question to the new version (openHAB 2.5M1 with app 2.1.4(24)): I am noticing that visibility and switches with mappings are a lot slower. The reactions are nearly instant, but the echo in the app that e.g. the button changes or something hidden is shown after clicking a normal switch is really delayed by approximately 30 seconds.

It is interesting that if I click on a mapping, go into a group and then immediately back, the view changes nearly instant, too. So from my perspective the probability is less that there is a general, big problem with app or installation.

Is it understandable what I try to say? :grinning:

So could this be a minor bug? Or do I have to structure my sitemap in a new way?

If you need more information or someone to test something, feel free to contact me!

Thanks for your big involvement!

Love the update! +1 for recursive search and would like to see multi state switches bigger perhaps I can pad them with spaces

Thank you so much for this update! It’s great! Love that we now have a platform to make this app the way it should be :heart_eyes:

@timbms What do you think about a dark mode? :wink:

@timbms thanks for your efforts here great job indeed, some big improvements. just one small ask, any chance you can set a switch in the settings so we can turn the search bar on or off?

Dark mode will become possible as soon as iOS 13 is out

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Could be an item on our todo list


You mean, you will release an update with darkmode when iOS13 has been released? Or do you mean, the app will enable darkmode, if it detects, that it runs on iOS13?
Asking, because I am on iOS13 already…

is thiis update only for new ios devices?
as bunch of my older ipads are still running on 2.0…

is app that demanding it can’t be updated on older devices or it’s apple stupid policy?

it really should run on even older ioses as they are just fine for homecontrol purpose tho.

I mean we should consider a dark mode as soon as iOS 13 is out and has reasonable adoption. Hopefully in September.
So far the app is not prepared for dark mode
Any PR is welcome on github

Ah, now it’s clear. Thx.