iOS App 2.4.20 Crash on Open - New Sitemap

I’ve recently created a more complex sitemap, it loads fine in the android app but the iOS app instantly crashes. I see a split second of the sitemap and then it just closes down. Running Openhab 3, iOS 14.3

Since last working sitemap the only thing I really changed was adding in three new items (StudioWest_Position, StudySouth_Position, StudyNorth_Position), and restructuring the sitemap to have more block groups. Any idea on why this is crashing or where I can look to troubleshoot?

I’ve got crash reporting turned on, but no idea how to access the crash information

sitemap one label="one" {
    Frame {
        Text label="Security" icon="lock" {
            Frame label="Alarm Control"{
                Default item=Home_Alarm label="House Alarm Mode" icon="lock"
                Default item=Partition1_PartitionStatus label="Armed Status" icon="status"

        Frame label="Living / Kitchen" {
            Default item=Zone1_ZoneStatus label="Front Door" icon="frontdoor" visibility=[Zone1_ZoneStatus==OPEN]
            Default item=Zone2_ZoneStatus label="Front Door PIR" icon="motion" visibility=[Zone2_ZoneStatus==OPEN]
            Default item=Zone11_ZoneStatus label="Living Room Bifold Door" icon="door" visibility=[Zone11_ZoneStatus==OPEN]
            Default item=Zone5_ZoneStatus label="Living Room Window 1" visibility=[Zone5_ZoneStatus==OPEN]
            Default item=Zone10_ZoneStatus label="Living Room Window 2" visibility=[Zone10_ZoneStatus==OPEN]
            Default item=Zone8_ZoneStatus label="Kitchen Awning Window" visibility=[Zone8_ZoneStatus==OPEN]

                    Frame label="Downstairs" {
                            Default item=Zone7_ZoneStatus label="Basement" icon="motion" visibility=[Zone7_ZoneStatus==OPEN]

                    Frame label="Back of House" {
                            Default item=Zone9_ZoneStatus label="Study Window" visibility=[Zone9_ZoneStatus==OPEN]
                            Default item=Zone14_ZoneStatus label="kid's Window" visibility=[Zone14_ZoneStatus==OPEN]
                            Default item=Zone15_ZoneStatus label="kid's Bathroom Window" visibility=[Zone15_ZoneStatus==OPEN]
                            Default item=Zone17_ZoneStatus label="Play Room Window" visibility=[Zone17_ZoneStatus==OPEN]
                            Default item=Zone13_ZoneStatus label="Studio Doors" icon="door" visibility=[Zone13_ZoneStatus==OPEN]
                            Default item=Zone19_ZoneStatus label="Back Doors" icon="door" visibility=[Zone19_ZoneStatus==OPEN]

                    Frame label="Laundry" {
                            Default item=Zone18_ZoneStatus label="Laundry Door" icon="door" visibility=[Zone18_ZoneStatus==OPEN]
                            Default item=Zone20_ZoneStatus label="Laundry Window" visibility=[Zone20_ZoneStatus==OPEN]

                    Frame label="Master Bedroom" {
                            Default item=Zone3_ZoneStatus label="Master Bedroom Window" visibility=[Zone3_ZoneStatus==OPEN]
                            Default item=Zone4_ZoneStatus label="Master Bathroom Window" visibility=[Zone4_ZoneStatus==OPEN]
                            Default item=Zone12_ZoneStatus label="Walk In Robe Window" visibility=[Zone12_ZoneStatus==OPEN]

    Text label="Living Room" icon="sofa"{
            Default item=AllBlinds label="Living Room Blinds"
            Default item=SideWindow_Position  label="Living Room Side Window"
            Default item=FoldingDoors_Position  label="Living Room Bifold"
            Default item=FoldingDoors_LowBattery label="Folding Door Blind Battery"
            Default item=SideWindow_LowBattery label="Side Window Blind Battery"

    Text label="Playroom" icon="vacation" {
        Default item=DaikinACUnit192168127_IndoorTemperature label="Play Room Temperature"
            Text label="Aircon" icon="snow" {
                    Frame label="Play Room Aircon" {
                            Default item=DaikinACUnit192168127_Power label="Power"
                            Default item=DaikinACUnit192168127_Mode label="Mode"
                            Setpoint item=DaikinACUnit192168127_SetPoint label="Temperature Setpoint"
                            Default item=DaikinACUnit192168127_IndoorTemperature label="Play Room Temperature"
                            Default item=DaikinACUnit192168127_Fan label="Fan"
                            Default item=DaikinACUnit192168127_FanSwing label="Fan Swing"
    Text label="Temperature" icon="temperature" {
        Default item=DaikinACUnit192168127_IndoorTemperature label="Play Room Temperature"
        Default item=Dyson438_Tact label="Studio Temperature [%.1f       C]"
        Default item=DaikinACUnit192168127_OutdoorTemperature label="Outdoor Temperature"
    Text label="Study" icon="office" {
            Default item=StudySouth_Position label="Study South Blind" icon="rollershutter"
            Default item=StudyNorth_Position label="Study North Blind" icon="rollershutter"
            Text label="Aquarium" icon="aquarium" {
                Default item=TP_L_AQUARIUM label="Aquarium Lighting"
                Default item=TP_L_AIRPUMP label="Air Pump"
    Text label="Garage" icon="garage" {
        Default item=OpenGarage_Status_Rollershutter label="Garage Controls"
        Default item=OpenGarage_Status_Contact icon="garagedoor" label="Garage State"
        Default item=garageCurrentState
    Text label="Studio" icon="pantry"{
            Default item=StudioWest_Position label="Studio West Blind"
            Default  item=Dyson438_Tact label="Temperature [%.1f       C]"
            Text label="Air Quality" {
                    Default  item=Dyson438_Tact label="Temperature [%.1f       C]"
                    Default  item=Dyson438_Hact label="Humidity [%.0f %%]"
                    Default  item=Dyson438_p25r label="Particulate Matter <2.5um Density [%.1f       g/m3]"
                    Default  item=Dyson438_p10r label="Particulate Matter <1.0um Density [%.1f       g/m3]"
                    Default  item=Dyson438_noxl label="Nitrogen Dioxide [%.1f]"
                    Default  item=Dyson438_va10 label="Volatile Organic Compounds [%.1f]"
                    Default  item=Dyson438_Fpwr label="Power"
                    Default  item=Dyson438_Rhtm label="Contin. Measurement"
                    Default  item=Dyson438_Oson label="Turning"
                    Default  item=Dyson438_Nmod label="Night Mode"
                    Default  item=Dyson438_Fnst label="Fan Activity [%d]"
                    Default  item=Dyson438_Auto label="Auto-Mode"
                    Setpoint item=Dyson438_Fnsp label="Fan Speed [%d]" minValue=1 maxValue=10 step=1

                    Chart item=DysonAirQuality period=h refresh=300

                    Default  item=Dyson_aqiv label="Dyson Air Quality"
                    Default  item=Dyson_aqi label="Dyson Air Quality Value"

interestingly enough the problem was the weirdest thing! it was the “pantry” icon being applied to the text label “Studio” - took out that icon and it all worked fine…

Can you please post the files containing the suspicious icons here?

The icon in question was “pantry” from the “classic” (default) icon set - I’ve got no idea where these are stored on the linux install as they don’t actually exist in /etc/openhab/icons/classic/

Just for completeness- could it be related to the state of the Item at that time?
The iconpicker would try to look for image pantry-yourstate.svg or suchlike, so it’s just possible a particular state could mess up processing with funny characters.

If you just switched to some other icon name that seems less likely.

I can confirm that I have the same crash on 2.4.20. I will have a look why this crashes. My suspect is the SVG library we had to debug